Behind the Scenes – Winds Of Change RP Post

So, yes, it took over two years to update the OOC blog.  Truth told, I got tired of ranting (shocking to most of you I know).  There have been a whole bunch of ‘almost’ posts here, but  trust me there have been a bunch!

What prompted me to start up here again?  Well  reality,  and how a lot of l good Sci-fi  is a mirror, parable, or allegory for what we struggle with in the real world.  I think, most of you who are American, or follow American politics, will definitely see this in the latest IC blog update, “Winds of Change”.

I struggled a bit writing it, as in some ways, it felt, too real to me. And, like you, I come to SL to RP, to often escape the Real World. In this case,  I bounced the beta draft of a handful of other players, and it was so well received, I forged ahead.

The Warden / Crusader conflict, is one that I have had bouncing around for a bit. There is much source material I’m using from other games as many of you who do table top gaming know.  I did not have a firm grasp on how to include it, until now.

The developments are not meant to weaken the in-character power of the Protectorate or any of our NPCs that are part of that ‘Lore’ story,  if anything, it is meant to flesh it out,  round it out, give it more flavor, and allow me and the admins to tell a richer story, that hopefully you will find time in Your RP to take part in.

Like all the Admin run storylines, this will play out slowly , with a lot of hints and background plotting and movement, much in RP, and other off stage. Unlike some other sims you may be familiar with, we do not expect the ongoing story to dramatically change what you do. We’re not going to stage ‘crisis of the moment’ RP,  like daily /weekly attacks on the colony, as always, our story lines will run in the background, and hopefully give you something to hang your RP on, to be a part of the larger ongoing story if you so choose.

In the end,  your RP is YOUR RP ,and while we present story to be a part of,  the ‘verse is a big place, and there are thousands and thousands of locations outside the protectorate, where you have your own conflicts and story that you are playing out. As always, your welcome to bring that here for your characters. In the end, this is just another wrinkle in the Game.

On a personal note, I hope that the game on some level, makes you think about RL for a moment, and just how .. we live in interesting times. I hope, that most of you, will choose the RL role of Warden over Crusader.  And in game,  I hope you have the chance to pick up on the little nuisances we toss into the RP that support the overall story arc.

In a way,  we see our stories playing out more like the Wonderful story arcs in DS9, as opposed to quick episodic hits like TNG. While quick one night, or one week stories are fun and defiantly have a place in the RP at Botany Bay, the deep story, has and will continue to be long , slowly exposed story Arcs.

The Sim has always operated this way, as, very few of you seem to know, we have actually a long 7+ year arc that is still playing out today, and this ‘lore update’ is just the latest event in that story.  Many of you have heard me refer to the story or game divided into “chapters”, ” Seasons”, “Series” or “Books” sometimes these are used interchangeably, but at the core,  we’ve seen several ‘Seasons’ in the story Arc, in the coming weeks we’ll revisit those stories so you can all get a clearer picture of where we came from, so you know, how we plan to move forward.

As always,  thanks for reading, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to play with you all, and share in the rich story that we weave every day.



By jubilynnlane

Stream of Consciousness … Its been a while

So, the last post went over so well its been almost nine months, the number of times I had a perfect rant to put on here during that time, could fill an advent calendar! However, I either lost motivation, or got busy with something else. But, for the few of you who do read this part of the blog, buckle up, I am going to try to cover a lot of ground …

So, first off lets talk about the state of the sim / game. If you spend any time on the sim, you’ll notice things have definitely been slower this year. I try not to worry about this too much, and I can hear your little fingers starting to respond ‘its slow all over SL , ect ect’ and while that is partially true, we only have influence over what we control, I don’t control the rest of SL, only my sim /game.  Some of the reasons things are slow, as pretty simple and clear, others less so. I know, that partly, I’ve lost some of the passion for the game. Not as a whole, but for much of my online time, I feel like I’m working, not playing (more on this later).  Also, possibly related, I just, can’t bring myself to ‘run’ events.  I’ve spoken about this before, but, to restate, the need to run events , and schedule RP so people show up vexes me, it vexes me and I can not abide by it. Yes, it helps drive traffic, during said event, but as I watch other sims do it,  I see clearly, that it does not translate into any lasting story elements being played out, outside of said events. I strongly feel, events drive the worst aspects of the ‘entertain me’ playership on SL, and while we hold social events, like the moots, and the winter ball, I am loath to set up Missions like Stirling Prime, mostly because, they are a huge amount of cost and effort for us to put on, that get great participation, but have no follow up. Who has asked about sterling prime since we ran it last year?  Even though we wove the end game of that story into the founding of Dokk Refurinn, there is no follow up by players at all. I’ve found that is pretty common on SL, events, in general, as seem as one time stand off not connected things that happen, much to the detriment of the RP community and story, the game has no, persistence, no consequences , no growth. and things only happen because they are ‘cool’ or ‘fun’ at the time they are happening, and the outcome has no bearing on the future of the characters, nor does anything that has happened before, have any bearing on the current ‘scene’.  It vexes me…

Ok, so,  be warned, tangents are going to be abound in this post. To circle back, the sim has been slow, though traffic is steady between 2500 and 3500 most days, the story has been very light this year, pick up rp has been slow, story development, slow, .. overall did I mention its been slow? What hasn’t been slow has been the rentals, we’ve actually been very steady, and slowly growing in rentals and rental revenue. My goal has always been to offer half the sim resources to renting, and attempt to collect half the sim land cost as rent, this averages to about $42000 L a month. ($145 USD), We’ve hit or exceeded the goal the last several months, and I’ve been able to invest the difference into new items for the sim.  As always, as the owner, and one who gets all the privileges (and headaches) of being the head cheese, I happily pay the other half of the land tier.  Unlike so many owners, I don’t’ feel as if you all owe me , and that you should all pay the full price of keeping the sim open.

Performance wise, the sim is also doing well. As many of you know, we’ve been working to keep prim litter down, and to keep the server running swiftly. Part of this is script reduction, and I thank everyone who has made build sacrifices to remove wanted items, that may have been script heavy. I encourage you to use them, but put them away after , so as not to bog down the regions script performance.

Now,  some more observations about SL, from the eyes of a Sim owner, and sometimes player.  If you listen to our group chat, which I used to insist was RP only, but now, I ‘ve embraced as the ‘across the table’ ooc chat that makes gaming actually fun and not a overtly serious drain, you’ll hear a lot of my WTF rants already. But, if you’ve missed some of them, or want to hear some more, well read on.

First off, WTF is with people who TP onto the sim, get greeted both in IM oocly, and in Main chat ICly,   never reply and just walk off to ‘explore’ spend a few min on sim, then TP out? I mean seriously,  is it Second ‘Get” a Life?  People its a social media platform, lets try to be, I don’t know, social?  I joke, but really,  its getting worse, far worse, in the last year or so. I can go a whole day, twelve to fifteen hours standing at the gate landing point, greeting people as they arrive, and have ,  90% of them completely ignore me. I’ve even chased people around the sim, trying to talk to them, and .. .nada.  On the same note, are avatars that are six or seven years old, who do the same thing. Really are you THAT cool that you ignore people? No wonder why your always searching the grid for something to do, the problem isn’t other people, its YOU.

On a related, note, is the rise of the ‘been there, done that almost Hipster’ Avatar. Again they are 6 or 7 years old, the ‘used’ to own a ‘very popular’ sim, and have a résumé of being an experienced player in their picks. They of course, only give you a few one word answers, to your attempts to greet them or rp with them, but they will be happy, on their first visit, within 5 minuets, tell you all the things your doing wrong, and how they would run your sim for you.  They also TP out, usually never to return, after 10 min or so.

Who else, who else, … lets see, the Prim Plunderer, this is the old avatar, at least four years, but up to say .. seven , who comes on sim, and Rezzes a 650 prim ship. We didnt’ get a lot of these for the longest time, because after the last batch of issues, I dropped the auto return to less than an hour and they just stopped showing up. They must, always be hunting for sims though, because it only took a week of having the auto return turned up to ten hours (changed it to support a RP for a group we hosted for), that they seemed to find us.  Two, in Two days, rezing massive ships and hovering them right over the main outpost. Hey, Prim plunderer, way to try to get something for nothing. These are not people who don’t know any better, new players to SL, these are people who are too cheap to rent, but want all the other renters, and the sim owner, to pay LL for them, so they can have places to rez their ships and fly around like ‘the man’ in a huge laggy ship. Yhea, not on our sim.  Of course, you want to try to just ask them to remove it, cuase you know, we have rules, you know, that are clearly posted, both about rezing items and limits, and about rezing large items close to the ground (causes lag), but hey your tool cool to read the rules anyways right, thus, Prim Plunderer, … here’s your card.

On a related note, I seem to spend a lot, and  mean a lot of time trying to explain the economics and realities of SL to players who are five and six years into the game. .. Really? Its funny how people will drop $10.000 L on a ship or other time, buying it from a content creator (or more likely now an content uploader who ripped it from a video game, or off of blender), but they will not pay the land owner even $1 L to rez and use that ship in world. The funny thing is, besides the initial investment in time, and the creative energy a content creator invests, they have very, very little overhead to cover in SL. If the don’t rent a shop in world, most of their overhead is covered by the fee that LL applies to marketplace transactions.  The land owner however, has HUGE overhead, to the tune of $295 USD a month (after a $1000 initial investment), that fee is due every month, wither you had a good month, or a bad month.  With out the sims to play on, you might as well not have a 650 prim ship, good luck rezzing that on mainland.  But the same person who will drop money on the ship, will bitch and whine, and complain to the sim owner, who asks them to RESTAIN themselves from using it. I do try, try not to tell them to go fuck themselves I swear, but often they make it so, so hard.  I try to explain, the economics, and that if we allowed everyone to rez the big prim ships ‘ only when they were here’ that there would really be little incentive for people to rent space to rez ships, and that by allowing them to do so for free, I’m really stealing the value of having that privilege from the renters who are paying. This conversation usually ends with me being called a ‘money hungry bitch’ and then me applying the return all prims and remove avatar from sim via the boot method of conflict resolution.  I know you just laughed, and I did too, but seriously, it happens weekly , sometimes nightly, and its a drain, on my enjoyment of SL.

What’s next?  How about a plague, or an invasion, .. yes those seem to be the recurring stories people try to bring to scifi sims. God, really, please, another one, its been so over done. When I hear of a sim doing this story, or when someone tires to ‘bring’ this story to our sim, I die a little inside my RP self.  Seriously, this kind of space opera is very difficult to do, often needs a light touch, and requires trust and cooperation, things that are in very short supply on SL.  When these stories are ment to cross sims and groups, its even harder to do, and less likely to succeed (see previous post on this).  I’d love to see more, smaller stories, about the characters, not about fleets of ships, or world changing events.  I have spoken a lot about what I consider makes good story, and I strongly feel, that people confuse ‘back story’ with story. Story is what your doing, and what we are in the process of telling, the back story , is just a tool to help develop or move the plot along.  I’ve spoken on Pixar’s rules for story telling,  a highly recommended read, just google it. I’ve also referred to how ‘classic’ stories are told. Look at star wars, a scifi classic. Sure its set in a rich , huge back story, but the story we’re watching isn’t about the big things happening, its about how the characters live though it. There is a distinction there, subtle to some, not so subtle to others. In any case, too often , the story being told is the ‘grand space opera’ what I refer to as the ‘visual effects scenes’, all the parts that lead up to that though, are what make the story interesting, and in the SL rp, its lacking.

Speaking of the Visual Effects, honestly, can we talk about how SL is becoming the movie version of your favorite book?  Looks great, but isn’t as good. I mean, as far as RP content goes, I’m feeling, that there is more substance to RP outside of the prim world of SL, than on it. Rather than the prims and scripts enhancing the RP experience, they take it over. people want the prims or scripts to do all the story telling for them, to have a script set their limits, rather than Playing out realistic limitations. They focus on how ‘beautiful’ a sim is (and ours is) but ignore the people standing there talking to them (see above). They can’t grasp the concept of NPCs , even prim NPCs,  ignoring the presence of a busy marketplace.  More and more, SL becomes that Visual Effect laden ‘b’ movie of online RP, visually satisfying, but hollow and empty. Which is sad, really, because the potential is there, the potential to bring to life visually some of which lies in your imagination. But instead of people using the prims and scripts to set their imagination free, they become trapped by the limitations of prims, and mesh and scripts, bound to them.

Ok, .. so some other observations .. I saw this on a profile and thought it was both funny and true:

1) “I’m here to have fun”  =  tries to have sex with every girl he/she sees.
2) “I’m open minded”  =   tries to have sex with every transsexual girl he/she sees.
3) “Curious”  =  likes to suck cock
4) “No men”  =  is a man
5) “I’m a dominant guy”  =  puts this in there because he’s scared you’ll figure out he’s a sub
6) “Real life BDSM Experience”  =  doesn’t have enough SL BDSM experience to know why that doesn’t mean much.
7) “Mess with <soandso> and I’ll kill you!”  =  lives in his or her mom’s basement
8) “IM me if you want to be my sub”  =  I’m too chicken to actually approach girls/guys.
9) “I’m a bitch”  = I ‘m actually really insecure
10) “IM me because I don’t follow chat”  = males cant do two things at same time  😉
11) “I hate drama” = I’m usually the one causing it.
12)  am faithful only to my master/mistress/treefrog = if you’re discreet I will fuck your brains out because sl isn’t real for me and I’m a total cuckold maker.
yes i have copy it from another profile

On the same profile, was this blurb about Dr Who players:
So I’ve had it up to *here* with everyone who sees 2 episodes of Dr Who, drops a couple thousand Lindens on a “tardis” and then expects everyone to kiss their RPing asses because now they’re a “time lord”.  Oh, great, *another* one.
Dr Who… good TV show, lousy RP idea.
Do us a favor, play a *Romulan* or something. Breathe a little life into a character that might actually have to be careful what s/he’s doing or risk being killed or captured.
And delete that stupid “sonic can opener” or whatever the hell it is.  Thanks.

I must say,  I see many ‘Time Lords” and well, its so true of most of them. It is almost always an excuse to godmod all over the other players. Again its RP with no depth to it.

Oh, and Para Rpers, I have been one, I admire some of their writing styles, but I found this on another profile and I must say I rather agree:

“any people will tell you Paragraph RP is the only way to RP but I disagree. The main reason I disagree is first people don’t talk to each other in real life with paragraphs. They talk freely in one or two sentences not lecturing to each other.  The second reason is almost everyone I’ve seen Paragraph RP reverts to sending their thoughts as if everyone around can read minds and many abuse this trying to lead others to follow these thoughts to dictate expected behaviors. The last reason is it just slows down RP to a crawl and many just don’t have the time online so they have to choose their one liner RP or that of the Paragraph roleplayers. Para RP isn’t bad if someone is a fast typist and knows how to emote a scene.”

I keep the bay open to all forms or rpers that are not so extreme, that they make the place unwelcome for other players.  Para players are always welcome, they just have to understand, that just because it is their style, doesn’t mean that everyone else on sim has to stop, and change how they are playing to suit them.  It makes things difficult I know, but a little compromise goes a long way.

So, who else can I offend, ahh .. meters!  Yes SAGA is all the rage in the SciFi RP circles, I won’t be ‘adopting’ it for Botany Bay.  As with Para RP, meter players are welcome to play at the sim, as long as they don’t become so intrusive with their meter that they make it difficult of others to enjoy the sim, either by resource hogging, or meter play disrupting other not using the meter.  I make no apologies, I personally Hate meters, to me, they do not enhance my RP, they are a distraction at best, a poor man’s MMO. If you want to level up, or have to buy food or lie in a bed to ‘heal’ then go play a MMO, they are well coded and go though tons of play test to balance out the game, SL meters are not, and do not, and they are ripe and riff with bugs that allow players to play the meter and not the game. And in my experience, that is exactly what happens, people play the meter, they are busy looking for scripted beds to lie in to ‘heal’ rather than RPing and engaging other players in RP to find a medic to treat their wounds. They are ‘eating’ scripted food for health, rather than going to a RP run diner, to RP with other Players, to get a meal. Meters are a distraction as far as I am concerned, but I know people enjoy them, and I like people to get enjoyment out of SL where they can.

Remember though, your ‘rights’ end where another’s begins, and in the end, as its my sim, I’m the deciding factor on where that line is.  This isn’t directed at meter players, just in general. I do try to be fair when I am making decisions or adjudicating disagreements, but I do have my own agenda, and there will be times, where I make the decision I feel isn’t the fairest, but is the best for where I see is best for the sim, and honestly, my rather large investment in it (time and money).  And I do try to be fair in things, as hell, its a game, its should be fun people.

Speaking of fun, and well, rubbing all our player base wrong, lets talk ‘adult’ play, sex, bsdm, yes master, no master RP.  Ok,  lets just toss this out there, its all over RP, its all over Scifi and fantasy books and movies. People like sex, people like the dynamic of power and power exchange in sexual situations, hell *I* like it. The issue becomes, when it dominates a RP sim, or the story. Again, I try to apply balance here, when I’m feeling especially , um .. frisky, myself and it doesn’t really fit the current story arc I’m in, I’ll leave rp, and head to a different sim and just fool around. On SL FAR too many players, both regular SL users, and SL RPers have a problem separating their Sexual ‘rp’ for fantasies with any sort of ongoing story RP.

I’ve porously set the sim at mature level. This is a tool I use to help moderate the purely adult content, if we don’t the sim ceases to be a RP sim, and becomes just another sex in SL sim, and that would be full, as its a beautiful sim, but its not what I want to pay over $150 a month for. We include the adult RP in many ways though, true ‘X’ rated play should be moved to private areas and / or IM.  We have story elements in place to help guide the whole ‘slave’ RP, which we see more as a classical Roman in many ways, with twists of course. The hengeyokai idea of ‘wards’ rather than slaves is a progression of this. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, your not paying attention in game.

Oh, before I forget, the whole idea of busy sims,   I’ve been traveling around the grid, both in General, Mature and Adult sims, RP and just general sims, and what I found is pretty constant. firstly, ‘busy’ sims, even ‘busy’ adult sims, are a lot of avatars, standing around, doing .. nothing.  Some might being having cyber sexiness in IM, but generally its a lot of standing around doing nothing, being so lagged by poorly built sims, or poorly built avatars, that you can’t do much anyway.  Then there are the ‘clubs’ of SL,  lots of avatars on dance balls, yealling ‘ Hey Avatar! so smexy … usually with fifty icons and characters like !!!!!! and ~~~~~~~ tossed in for .. annoyance I think.  Though most sims are empty, or at least empty of people, bots abound driving up traffic, but nothing going on.    On RP sims, if its busy, its not public. Rarely,  boarding on almost never, am I greeted when I arrive on a sim, and often when I try to join in RP,  its simply ignored. That is the state of most sims, that is not what I want to have happen on My sim, our sim.

So, we stay open, despite my rants at what is ‘wrong’ , SL is my online home. I will continue to work, to make Botany Bay the type of RP sim that I want to play on, a welcome, open sim, with a healthy if small RP population. A sim / game, where players feel they have an investment, where their actions matter, and where they can tell character driven stories.  I will do ‘ door duty’ and greet as many new players as possible as they arrive, both IC and OOCly. I will, try to get past my vexed-ness, and give you some of the ‘events’ I know you crave, but only if you promise to use them to fuel your RP, not as a one off, entertainment event.

Lastly, though it should have been firstly, I’d like to thank all of the people who support the sim, and me. Those of you who put up with my bullshit (yes I know I carry some baggage) and those of you who bare the brunt of my rants. I do look forward to the spring, and the next social event, a very .. adult event… the Spring Equinox, is already being planned.

Please comment on this and add your thoughts, its an open forum, even if only a handful of us read them, we are, for better or worse, a ‘Family’ a RP family by choice. I know you can play anywhere, and I’m glad, that you choose to play here, if its only for a little of your time.

Till next rant! – Jubi

By jubilynnlane

This is why we’ll never have sustained Organized multi/intersim RP

Welcome back all, wow, you guys really are a glutton for punishment, reading this blog again! Its been a couple of months since I blogged last oocly, and there have been changes, directly related to both the previous blog, and to the title of this one. So lets get to it shall we?

As you know if you read this, I’ve gone and did both a new build for the sim, and a new storyline to go with it. Its a rather drastic change, that I feel will lead us in a new direction in the future, while keeping us connected to our past. As I stated, verbosely, in the previous blog here, the story/sim we’ve been running, was loosing its ‘fun’ factor for me, and I think ‘us’ as a whole. Upon reflection, I can see where things started to go ‘sideways’, we started playing ‘their’ game, and stopped telling out story, and doing what makes us, us.

At some point, we became a ‘successful’ sim: partly because we’ve been around a rather long time in SL time, but also, many players, from many other parts of SL have passed though our sim, and most of them, with some exceptions, left for the ‘better’ of things. Meaning they left on good terms and we helped new players to RPG’s in SL find their way, with little drama for them. That’s the good part about being open and having ‘portability’ for players. They can pick up and move their stories when the simply find a better fit.

As we became successful both oocly, and IC, meaning the story progressed far past that of a struggling rim colony, but to a seat of power for a well developed, expansive, interstellar government. The change in story was progressive, well played, and developed over time, many years of time and thousands if not tens of thousands of ‘player hours’, it was great storytelling and wonderful RP, but it had in many ways, painted us into a corner.

We pride ourselves on being a player and character focused game. While ‘space opera’ of great wars and fleets, makes for an interesting backdrop at times, trying to actually PLAY those fleets, in an open cooperative game, is difficult at best, but really, after over 30 years of gaming, I’d say its impossible. There are simply too many moving parts, and way too many egos involved, when trying to play out the grand sweeping ‘invasions’ and ‘fleets of ships’ RP that have become common in the SL Sci-fi RP community. More on my feelings on these later.

Our successes, often become our downfalls, and I was seeing this in what stories we were telling; not only with my own characters, but with the sim based groups, including the Colonial Rangers were involved in. It became clear, that as a ‘power’ we’d be either sidelined or challenged by other groups and sims, based mostly off of their OOC dealings with me/us. Rather than cooperative intersim stories, I found that most stories that we would enter into with other sims or groups, required us to either be continually challenged, or to kowtow to the other group, and be sidelined. Very rarely were we treated as equals, which is the golden rule, and how we treat groups who choose to organize play with us (which is different than groups just dropping in). There seemed to be no middle ground, at least none that we could find.

I found this, on a personal level as well. As I stated before, Jubilynn, as a character, had become too successful, and too ‘powerful’ for open casual Roleplay. Having risen to the level of Khan, a leadership position of her people, just sitting in a bar and having people randomly pull pistols out all day, didn’t jive with the characters position and history; simply put, it led to many rather silly interactions, which became akin to 1st level characters pulling their sword on the 20th level king. (table top reference)

Obviously something had to give here, and since you can’t control others, it had to be something I could change. I knew, there needed to be a change, for me, as I was not enjoying SL at all, so Jubilynn was ‘retired’ as my Player Character, and I developed Cashidhe. Sometimes, its important to move on, and I had pretty much played Jubi out, I had more in her really, but it was all political and deeply personal play, and sadly I was finding the SL community wasn’t really up to that kind of .. advanced.. roleplaying. Thus, Cashidhe came into existence.

At first, for a few weeks, I tried to see if it was just me, and if a new character, with ‘fresh’ eyes and attitude, might make the kind of change needed to make the game fun again. Pretty quickly, I saw that it wasn’t going to be enough. While certainly being a ‘new’ character helped make everything old new again, it didn’t fix the underlying issues I spoke of earlier, the ‘sim’ was still too successful, and the IC relief to play that out, a really detailed, productive, mature, intersim political RP, just wasn’t going to be there. Not that we didn’t’ try; for months I had worked with several other sims and groups to try to get project Babylon off the ground. Intended to be a large, organized intersim UN, called the Star League, the project was designed to give the intersim play a ‘structure’ to hang it self on. Sadly, after months of work, I realized that, if I went forward any further, that would be all I did on SL, as getting such a group together was much like herding cats.

There were also ‘business’ issues going on. SL is not a stable economy, as generally renters carry very little burden as they can come and go and unlike RL, being ‘homeless’ isn’t a big issue. While, for sim owners, Linden Labs wants their money every month, no matter how your income stream has been. I always approach SL as a hobby, its not here to make me money, and I’ve chosen to take on the responsibility of paying for the sims I own and play on; I’m lucky enough in my RL to have a well paying, steady job, and rather stable ‘life’, and its my way of sharing with a community (role-players) who over the many years of playing have given me so much. There is, however, a limit to what percentage of my RL income I’m willing to give LLs, part of what that percentage is, is based off of how much use and enjoyment not only I am getting from the sims, but the ‘community’ is. Meaning, I’d gladly pay for the full sim and homestead if they were full and used and people were enjoying them. But *I* don’t need that much space to be happy, in truth, I need a homestead to do the RP and tell the stories I want to tell, something I can easily afford with out really batting an eye right now. Over the months leading up to April, traffic and rentals had dropped below the ‘sustainable’ levels. My personal payments to LL had grown to nearly $400 USD a month, while not ‘painful’ it was above what I had considered the amount I wanted to be paying for my hobby and entertainment, also, with lower traffic, we simply didn’t ‘need’ that much space.

All these factors, including the ones I’ve blogged previously, led to a critical decision: Close Botany Cove, and move the story off of Nova Gaia, to a new world.

Yes, it was a dramatic, some would say Drastic change, but it was necessary. I wrote the backstory for the change in about an hour, that should tell you how hot to trot on this I was. I choose to keep the story connected to all the many years of play we’ve had, but to ‘spin off’ of that, into new territory. I did this literally, but choosing to place the new ‘world’ of Dok Refurinn, in a newly rediscovered sector of the ‘verse called the ‘tri galaxies’. I see this as a spinoff, a new ‘series’ set in the same ‘Cannon’ if you will, much like SG:Atantlis is a spinoff of SG:1 and Deep Space Nine is a Spinoff of Next Generation. Both are apt examples, of the similar solutions to a similar problem: how to tell new stories, in established settings. Both ‘moved’ the story to new ‘distant’ locations and while the old, familiar, powerful, (SG:1/SGC – USS Enterprise, ect) still existed, they simply couldn’t always ‘be there’ to solve the new locations problems. This is how I see us going forward. Dok Refurinn is a new outpost in the Hengeyokai Protectorate, Botany Bay is still ‘there’ its just off screen now. Its time for us to tell new stories, and occasionally our old (and powerful) favorites may return for a guest spot. I think you get the gist…

So the new build, I wanted it to be different than the previous ones. The original colony was my first build, was quaint but rather ho-hum; the second build was the giant space station, the third – short lived desert, the fourth was the one at Nova Gaia which was a jewel of a tropical world. Dok Refurinn had to be different. I toyed with it being a ice world, you just don’t see those on SL that often, but, in the end, I went a different route, one I had orginaly toyed with for Nova Gaia. Dok Refurinn became what you see today, a dark forested world. With the new Mesh trees, and a decent sim surround, we can make the sim not look like an ‘island’. The giant trees give that ‘old’ look, and cross of endor and Pandora, its what I as looking for. Also, the lack of day cycle, was a choice, and a tough one. We’ve lost the lovely sunsets and sunrises we had on the old build, but the constant ‘twilight’ allows us to tell a different story, and it gives the forest that, shady, look.

The new outpost, is much smaller too, that’s by choice. one of the things that happened over time is the actual ‘build’ of Botany Bay had gotten to big. Most locations never saw use, and when they did, players were so spread out, there was little interaction at times. Everything in the new build was made much smaller, closer, compact. Its a design choice, and it works with the story. Dok Refurinn is an outpost, not the ‘jewel’ that Botany Bay is. The outpost build will ‘evolve’ as the colony and all other builds did, as this happens we’ll be keeping an eye on the ‘sprawl’ factor.

The story too, got a makeover, as you know. Every part of the story is designed to support the type of Roleplay and storytelling we want to encourage in the players, and that we enjoy ourselves. There are no ‘grand fleets’ in the tri galaxies, all the exploration and conflicts will be on a scale available to the average player, no one will simply become an ‘extra’ in our game. We placed Dok Refurinn on the far rim, to literally, get us ‘away’ from the grand space operas and ‘fleet battles’ being forwarded as the ‘norm’ for intersim RP. This isn’t our style, its not why we come online, and in the end, its not what we want to be doing or supporting.

This brings us back, to the whole intersim thing; and how it will never work. I’ve talked extensively on this, and I’ll try to sum up quickly as we come up on 2000 words on this blog post. Simply put, there is WAY too much OOC jockeying going on in every intersim story between groups, than a Roleplay can support. My observation of the stories, especially the most recent very public (hourly updates given in multiple intersim groups group notices) ones have been this: intersim stories mostly server, to bolster one groups ego , at the expense of the other players involved. Very rarely , have prolonged, organized, intersim stories been executed that are designed to be fun, mature, mutually enjoyable events. The politics both IC and OOC , with varying levels of transparency, are about how much more ‘powerful’ one group is than another. Even when they are ‘scripted’ RP, meaning the outcome is known before the RP even begins (which boggles my mind on many levels) ‘fleets’ of ships show up to defeat a single antagonist, fleets that conveniently never existed before but are ‘rezed’ out of nowhere. The appearance of ‘fleets’ begets more ‘fleets’ arriving, and the constant group notices, appear to others as an invite to come play, so they do. When others show up, those running the story loose control and we get tons of ‘recants’ from ‘unauthorized’ RP having occurred. While some of this may be justified, much more is just , well , wrong, and control based. That’s what I’ve found, in my now Six years on SL. It actually gets worse, because then we get some groups just ignoring parts of RP they want to ignore, while over stating parts they want to have acknowledged. I’ve personally been bit by this, on several occasions, the ‘cherry picking’ of what is considered to have happened, and what hasn’t based off of OOC convenience. That alone is what kills any hope of ‘Political’ RP, sadly, its all way too personal and OOC based for it to be successful on SL.

There is also the ‘business’ of SL at play here, when we talk of intersim. There are still those sims and groups out there, that approach intersim and cooperative play as a way to ‘poach’ players to come to ‘their’ sim/group. Rather than being a supportive community of aligned groups/sims that enrich each others play and stories, more and more, SL digresses into a divided land of ‘mine’ and ‘yours’. As the player base shrinks, or at least, doesn’t grow, each sim and group seems to feel the need to ‘protect’ their own intrests. Now, many sims/groups will say they don’t do this, but if you look at how folks behave and give it an honest assessment, this is often truly the case. I can say from my own personal experience, I’ve spent hundreds of hours a year supporting and visiting other sims, brining whole groups of players with me to support events from combat to social balls, to scheduled political RP. Very, Very rarely have I seen, if ever, Organized visits in return. yes, we get drop by traffic from individual players, or small groups of friends, but the organized ‘trips’ by other groups, nada, and , interesting enough, the MORE organized a group is, the less likely they are to visit YOUR sim, if you spend time on theirs; its a matter of self interest, each sim/group, vying for your support and $L.

I’ve decided to, not play that particular game for a while. Since it is a dog eat dog Second ‘world’ if you will, I’ve made the choice to focus on ‘us’ for a while. In that mode, I encourage players to continue intersim play, you should have the freedom to move about and enjoy the many different sims SL has to offer. In contrast, as my time in world is limited, I am going to focus my efforts on OUR sim/game. I’d be open to some organized intersim stuff in the future, if conditions warranted it, but I’ll be making those assessments as the opportunities arise.

On that note, as you saw on the IC blog, we have some exciting stories and events lined up. The Tri-Galaxies are a rich setting to write new stories and explore both the background and each other as we move forward. In many ways, we’ve come somewhat full circle, as the “Botany Bay” colony started as a small outpost, and now, we’re back… but with a ‘big sister’ just a dial away.

As always, my pledge to you is this: YOU are part of OUR story. What your character does, matters and effects the overall outcome of the story arcs in play. We do not have pre-determined stories, this is an interactive , give and take environment. All we ask, is that players be respectful of the story and background provided, and the ‘scale’ of the stories they put into play. We do not want to be the ‘biggest’ RP on the grid, nor do we want to be the ‘Best’ , we don’t’ have to want that, we ARE the best, thanks to all of you. I never feel the need to go out and ‘defend’ how we play, or what we do, we’re not interested in that. We know what we are, in many ways were a boutique sim, something not quite like the ‘big chains’ with their many sims and big plans, we like that, and that’s what we’ll always be.

Thanks for sticking with us, and I hope you enjoy the coming months as we reveal more of the story that has already taken place (yes you may have missed something 🙂 ) and how that influences the stories your playing now – beginning with the Expedition to Ís Heim.


PS. Feedback is always welcome, opposing views will always be approved for posting, as long as they are a bit more than ‘Jubi you suck I hope your house burns down’. (no really that was real feedback). So Please, submit a response and I’ll get posted ASAP.

By jubilynnlane

Is there Something Fundmentally Wrong with RP in SL? (Yes)

Betteridge’s law of headlines not with standing, I am really beginning to feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with how roleplaying has ‘changed’ over the last year or so On second life. For those of you who have talked to me in the last few weeks, you’ve definitely heard me say this, bottom line is, I’m not happy, Second Life is not fun for me anymore. And while we’ve talked extensively on why and how ‘we should change this’ I can’t shake the feeling that something is fundamentally wrong, something I don’t know how to ‘fix’.

We could talk for hours on the general issues with the grid, how Linden Labs runs it, ect ect. I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole today. What strikes me, is how the players have changed in the last year or so, and how that change seems to be driving the sim owners/moderators to quit. There is always some turnover in ‘management’ in RP communities, but this year seems to have been very difficult for the owner/operators. I strongly feel there are multiple reasons for this, beyond the high monetary cost of running a sim on the grid, which we have talked about before and I’ll probably touch on here later, there are other stressors at play, Here’s may take, for what its worth:

Player Behavior: (At the risk of biting the had that feeds) When I first came to SL there were very few truly ‘free form’ sims to RP on (Given my 6th Rez day is rapidly approaching I’ve been around for a while mind you), That’s not to say that there were not a lot of sims to RP on, but it was the norm that you played a character specific to that sim, and that characters needed to be ‘approved’ in advance, Sims often used specific meters or races or huds as well. These factors made porting your existing character from one sim, to another of similar genre difficult. Given the expense of outfitting the avatar for playing, and the investing of time into character development, players wanted an easier way to move from sim to sim. In my experience that is more the norm now, characters not beholden to any one sim, but that can be easily played in many sims, in a loose continuum; this is defiantly how we’ve approached RP, both as a player and a sim owner. This has worked out very well for players and gives them much more control over their gaming, it has had some very negative consequences for the sim owners though, which in many ways is not good for the community.

The rise of the ‘homeless’ player, has given rise to ‘homeless’ RP groups. This is both a boon and a bane. Free Form RP has always been a give and take between players, even if one of the players is the ‘moderator’. When people have something invested be it time or money, they are more likely to be supportive of the community as a whole. As players and their non-sim associated groups have become the norm, there has arisen an ‘entertain me’ culture in the SL RP community. Players, and their non-sim associated groups simply move from sim to sim, looking for the moderators to entertain them. This manifests itself in the current “event” based rp. We’re all running events , fight nights, away missions, shooter events, IC classes, sky diving, dances, races, you name it.. we’re even running events for what was certainly the ‘soul’ of pick up gaming, “event” bar social nights, where players come during specific times to rp the type of pickup rp that is really the heart and soul of Free Form RP. And that is really the problem, the pickup day to day RP, that builds the story, creates the background, that really gives the game its flavor, its heart and soul, its gone. Sure you may be able to site a specific example, but in the whole , bye and large, its gone, and its killing the community, and its driving sims out of business.

How you ask? Instead of the sims being cooperative locations for a rich and extended loosely tied together RP universe, we’re becoming competitive for players attention, and for the $L. While this may have always been partially true, the rise of the “Nomad” player and worse the “Nomad” group has moved the community very much in this direction. Players and groups no longer take any responsibility for the day to day function of the sims they play in, they do not contribute, beyond showing up for events. They do not hang out, and generate the day to day RP, following up on the events outcomes. They want to be entertained, they surf the sims, and the group chats and show up ‘where things are going on’, instead of contributing to make things happen. In the past, you could find a group or faction set up on a specific sim, even if they played across many sims, and their presence alone would drive some pick up roleplaying and enhance the community for all involved, this has largely dried up. Now, the sim owners and moderator find themselves under the constant pressure to be responsible not only for paying for the sims, but for running events daily/weekly, to be responsible for writing the full story, providing all the props/sets, we find ourselves responsible for YOUR fun as the players.. and this is fundamentally unfair.

Yes, when I made the decision to open a sim, I know I signed up for both the $$ cost of running it, as well as a certain level of Moderation/Game Master/ Administrative / Management. I’ve been playing for longer than many of you have been alive(30 years, 20 years online), and I’ve been running a sim on SL for almost 5 years now, I ‘get’ it. What players don’t seem to get though, and I’ve talked to many other sim owners and moderators is that in the last year , or two, the player base had divested itself of any ‘giving’. To steal from a very Old Guide to free form online playing guide: ( )
Giving: Just as you role-play hoping for a good scene from the other player, they do so expecting a good scene from you. Pay attention to what they say, and their preferences. I recommend writing with the intention of pleasing the other player, and letting them do the same for you. Role-play’s primary draw is that it allows real people to interact in a fantasy (In the broader sense of make-believe, not just elves and magic, etc.) environment. With this in mind, a good goal to set for yourself is making the other person enjoy it as much as you can, and hopefully they will do the same for you. (To make an analogy, you can hug yourself all you want, but a hug from another person will likely mean a lot more.)

There has been a huge drop in ‘giving’ in the SL RP community, both in the player to player microcosm, to the macrocosm of the community (sim to sim) interactions. All I can say, is that personally, on every level, I feel like I am pulling teeth. there is no giving, player’s characters do not interact, at best I feel that my character is a extra or prop in someone else’s story that has no interaction. Sim to Sim, I feel that other sims that we’ve played with have not been giving in their support or time. Its beyond frustrating, its maddening.

The last month or so, its come to a bit of a head for me. My feeling is pretty simple, I pay about $400 usd a month, to either sit in a empty sim, or run events that often get great attendance, or folks really enjoy, but are hours and hours of work to put on, and result in, just an event. I feel that the players have made me personally responsible for THEIR fun. Not only do I carry the finical burden, I carry the full gaming burden, and if I don’t entertain you, immediately, and fully, on every visit, you tp out to another sim, that is running an event, or will spend their full attention on entertaining you – its exhausting, to the point, of being hurtful.

Most of you know, I keep pretty detailed notes and stats. I built the sim, over many years now, to support a wide range of Role-play. We have extensive RP areas for players to utilize from the medical bay, to he market, library, forest and ancient sites, the east landing fields, and extensive underwater area, high port, space docks, public baths, landing bays, ect ect. None of these are regularly used. I might as well open a 250 prim bar, since that is the only location on sim you can seem to find people. Why aren’t these area’s used? Well, because we (the mod team) isnt’ present 24/7 in them. It seems to me, that players don’t actually want a RP sim at all.

Then there is the EXTENSIVE back story that has been developed over the years. Not many RP sims have taken the effort to make the history / back story and lore as accessible to players as we have. We have 3 main locations on the web we post, the wiki, the flicker site, and the botany bay blog. You would think that as they are all interactive, we’d have some player interaction there…but we don’t. The flicker used to have other contributors, but in the last year, they have dried up. The wiki, which by its nature is designed to be .. a wiki, interactive, has had only a handful of pages added since I stopped personally asking people to post on it. And the blog, while less interactive, has many readers, but again, no contributors. This reinforces the whole ‘lack of giving’, players can’t seem to be bothered with contributing in any medium, to strengthen the community, its like we’ve become a bunch of lurkers, who just want what’s best for ourselves on every single level, its not really a model that is sustainable over the long term. I think , players forget, its other players, who run the sims and games, not some giant company like Blizzard that is footing the bill, or paying people to put events on for you. Its players, who have jobs in RL that pay for the sims, players who while taking on the extra work of running the sims, also want to occasionally play.

Bottom line is, I’m not having fun, at all. SL has become a second job, one I pay to go to every night, to generally be abused by people who take no interest in their own gaming, and treat me as if I exist to provide for their happiness and who seem in general to have the attitude that I am ‘lucky’ they spend any time on the sim, because they could TP out on no notice to be elsewhere. To be told “what are you doing for me,” people even ask me for $L, so they can go buy something! .. its madness, and I dont’ know what to do about it.

I’m not saying that I’m closing the bay or anything. But the simple matter is, if it continues being, well, its awful right now, running the sim, then I’ll have to evaluate the whys and how’s of what I’m doing in Second Life. I’m more or less paying for full cost, income is down to about $20K L a month, which is about half of what we were last year. I’m keeping all options open, if we continue to trend down, I’ll look at scaling back, its not ‘about’ the money, but to say that $400 a month out of pocked, to essentially be abused nightly, is hard to justify.

What I’ll leave you is, is this: While how I feel right now is uniquely me, I talk to a lot of sim owners and moderators and the things I talk about openly and publicly (painfully so to be honest) are not unique to me. Look to your favorite sim, where ever that may be, and show them some love, be it with time, or $L, and keep showing that love. Don’t wonder why your favorite sim closes, or your moderator suddenly leaves SL, its getting brutal out there, help us out and show us some love or you may find yourself Rping on mainland next to a club and a hair store soon, because these sims, are run by people, and we can only take so much.


By jubilynnlane

How To Get More Involved: Part I: Character Jobs

I often am asked, or find as a topic of discussion, “How can I get started?” or, “I love the Sim, but I don’t’ know what to do there.”  One of the hardest things players face, is how to motivate their character to get involved. We will be writing a series of articles on our experience with RP, this being the first.

Players come to sims with great character ideas, but sometimes find it difficult shoehorning those ideas into the established lore and storylines in a new sim. One of the best ways to becomes involved in a sim’s story, and learn the history and lore, is to pick up an in character job. Jobs are a great thing to ‘hang’ the rest of your RP around, giving your visits to a sim some structure.

Many Sims offer IC jobs,  they vary widely. While there are many jobs that fit a sims setting, not all IC jobs are equal when it comes to making it easy for your character to get involved with the story.  Jobs that are ‘service based’ and by their nature require personal interaction are the best bets for getting you involved with other players.

There are many kinds of jobs that assist in this goal, below I will outline a few that are currently open at Botany Bay.

1. Medic / Doctor: People will always get injured, being available to help treat those injuries makes your character a person in high demand. Being a field medic also gives you an excuse to tag along on adventures when you would have no personal motivation to go, but a professional one.   To support this RP, the Botany Bay is equipped with a very expansive medical facility on ‘B’ deck, under the Cantina.  We also have a group solely dedicated to medical RP, CRASH Medical.

2. Server/Bartender/Dancer/Entertainer – Sol Cantina:  Sol Cantina, the “cheers” of our ‘verse. Like the song says: Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name. Sol is THE gathering place in the sim. By taking a job as staff there, you open yourself to becoming involved in all the stories that pass though Botany Bay, or at the least, learning about the ones you do want to get involved in. This is THE JOB for people who want to be social and hang out, yet it still gives you the ability to ‘tag along’ on adventures using your characters other skills. This role is supported by the extensive Cantina build which includes the bar, kitchen, tables, dancing platforms, and other objects.

3. Reporter: Are you nosey? Do you want to dig deeper into the stories that pass though the sim? Do you like to write? Well , ITN is always looking for intrepid reporters to cover the various happenings going on both on the Bay and throughout the ‘verse. This role is great if you really want to get involved. Reporters can be embedded in many of the adventures and events that we run. They also have the opportunity to help influence the ongoing story, but doing IC interviews of characters involved in the politics of the game.

These are the jobs I like to highlight as opposed to some other IC jobs, that while very common, are sometimes difficult to play, or have less opportunity to interact positively with players, or get involved in the stories of others. Popular jobs in this category are:

1. Security / Solider: Very popular, and great for adventures or events, RPing soldiers often gets tedious for players in the day to day non combat, there just isn’t anything to ‘do’ except to talk about how bad ass you are. Security officers do have the opportunity to interact, but the natural friction between ‘security’ and the other players makes the role difficult to enjoy. As I have posted before, too much ‘security’ in a sim, kills RP, and in the bay we handle this with kid gloves and NPC story devices.  We do maintain an IC security force: RAM (Risk Assessment and Management) and if you absolutely want this type of job, you should look into that. We maintain a standing army, in the form of the “colonial rangers” which is a purely NPC group. I encourage folks to sign up for Ranger Duty and make up a Ranger Character, which you can play on the same account, but is a ‘alt’, just use the provided tilter. Ranger backgrounds are tightly controlled, and they are not found just, “Hanging out” in the cantina. More about them another time.

2. Thief / Pirate / Criminal: Great Potential here, good opportunity for some deep RP, but the need to be secretive so as not to draw attention of the law makes it difficult of players to get really involved in the game. These ‘jobs’ are best paired with something else,  something a bit more ‘respectable’ even Captian Reyonolds had a day job.

3. Assissian / Ninja / General Badassery: This has the problem of both the above jobs, I find very few players in this catagory stick around long enough to really get involved in the sim, or any sim. By their nature, the jobs push people away, and make your charchter alone. While being a ‘loner’ is a great sterotype for a protaginst in a novel, in a socaial game, it means you spend alot of time by yourself and not getting invited along to other events and RP. Again, these jobs would be best paired with some other IC Job, to let the charchter have a chance to interact socially with the other player charchters. If your here to play alone, may I suggest Grand Theft Auto, or HALO in the campagin mode.

4. Mechanic / Engineer:  I love this job, but in RP, its often a ‘loner’ job. People give you things, and you go fix them. Its not very social, and has limited potential for a new player to interact with people while working. This job can work, but is more difficult than some of the other jobs listed above. A droid mechanic, who can work on droid / android/ robot/cybernetic characters is the best bet.  While IC mechanics and engineers are always in high demand, and its a good job to have as the character, again there are RP opportunities for a player trying to get involved are limited.

5. Ship Captian / Trader: Ahh,  close to my heart, and another great character that is sometimes difficult to get ‘involved’ with. The Captain and Trader moves around a lot, from sim to sim, which is kinda the point. By their nature, the job requires talking to people to arrange trade and cargo. While social, this job less immersive than some of the service jobs listed in the above section, and takes more work on the players part to make work well.

There are certainly many more jobs out there, even on our sim. But I think you have a gist of the idea. While this is Botany Bay centric, there are similar jobs in other sims out there. What ever sim you frequent, the most important thing is GET INVOLVED: nothing happens, because we are not making things happen, having a ‘reason’ to be on the sim, is the first step to getting involved in the sim’s RP.  Be part of what makes your favoirte sims a fun place to visit and play, rather than sim hopping from empty sim, to empty sim, lookign for someone to entertain you! You’ll find if you stand still long enough, they will come to you, have a reason to interact with them, and make them stay!

PS: W’re Accepting Applications for all jobs, but the Critical Jobs in Section one of this post are in the highest demand! See a Mod Now!

PPS:  I’m sure I didnt’ cover all the good IC Jobs, add your ideas and experiences, all related comments will be approved for posting!

By jubilynnlane

The Game Store Allagory

So, alot goes on that I never really get the chance to blog about, either becuase I’m busy ‘doing’ and don’t get the chance to blog about it, or I pull back and just don’t want to blog. In many ways, I’m a private person by nature. But as a community leader in the virtual world, there comes times to explain to folks the why’s. Jubi, Why do you do that, or why do you care.

With the recent .. well .. drama going on, I’ve spoken often and vocally, about the why, but often the message gets lost as people either can not focus on the message, or get so far into the weeds of details, that they loose focus on the bigger picture. So, in an attempt to be clear and simple, lets look at things as an allagory of sorts.

My issue with what has transpired with a user named Delta Umino and his Roleplay group the SSFS, is actually very simple, and had it happned in a game store over a table top game of pen and pencil RPG, there wouldnt’ be much to talk about as the shy’s would be fairly clear. But in the virtual world, there seems to be a perchant for folks being either unclear, or making things more complicated than they are.  What started as a player disagreement, very quickly raised to greifing and now, its just harrasment, more on that a bit later.

My real issue with what transpired, is not that I’m being harrassed, that happens eveywhere. You can’t control the actions of others, and there will always be people in groups, that behave in a why that is not only not socially acceptable, but is just flat out not nice. What my issue is, is how the Roleplaying community on SL, the FreeForm, Scifi community in particualr (as its the community I consider myself a part of) , deals with issues and fringe behavior in general, not necessarly my particular incident.  What follows, as always, are simply my observations and feelings.

The Allagory:

In this Gaming Store called SL, the owner Mr Linden (Linden Labs) Rents out gaming tables (sims) to GM’s (Sim Owners) who then runs games of various types for playres (players/residents).  Now,  part of this big game store with all these tables houses all the scifi games. Players play on each table for a bit, some times only on one table, other times moving from table to table.  GM’s get to now the other table renters and sometimes they run games on each others table, or pushes tables together. They also sometimes encourage players to use the same charchter or miature army on multiple tables to enhance the experiance of every player and GM’s hobby and enjoyment.

Now, each GM enforces the rules for their own game, and Mr Linden, he enforces a long set of rules, very loosely, basically if your steeling from him, or you cause somone form outside his shop to come complain you stole from them, you might hear from him. Or if you blatent deface one of the game tables, you may or may not hear from him.

Say now, two players get into a disagrement at one of the tables over how the game was being played, or if Space Marines were just so much better than Eldar. Say this escalted to the point they either couldn’t play together anymore , or a table owner asked one or both of them to leave the table. The players go their seperate ways, prehaps words are exchanged, what ever the case. It would be over.

Now, say one of the players moves to another table, sets up his Space Marine army, but occasionaly yells across all the other tables to tell the other player ” Hey Your a cunt I hope you die in a fire”, or something along those lines.  Mr Linden is told about it, but well Mr linden doesn’t really do much. What do the table owners in this whole section, and all the players do?

If they all send text messages to the person being harrassed, saying ” hey, he’s a jerk, I wont’ play with him anymore, you should just ignor him, oh and don’t say I said anything, but hang in there” yet the harrassment continues, both public and private. What should this community of players do?  Do you think that by allowing the harrasser, who is pretty much universally held to be ‘in the wrong’ to continue unabated while they play at another table, sending his own hateful texts and sending others to come over and say “player x hates you, you suck at gaming, and your poorly painted Tau army sucks too”, as well as occasionally just yelling ” go die ” across the room, do you think that allowing that to continue and puting the onus on the one recieving this harrasment to some how just ignor it until it goes away?

Or, do you think that if a bunch of people sitting at the tables, the other GMs and Players, simply turned to the offener and said, “dude, not Ok, you need to stop”, might have more of an effect on making the entire Game Store a much nicer place to play for everyone envolved, including the offender? Its not about kicking the person out of the store, its about getting them to comply with the groups means and norms.


Yes , this is an allagory for my situation, but from much discussion across multiple groups and inter sim owner discussions, its the ‘norm’ of SL RP. We as a community, do not do well ethically, standing together in the face of fringe behavior.  There are many reasons for this some ‘technical’ and some psycholical and social.

On the technological side, the tools the SL viewer gives us to deal with fringe behavior, even as a sim owner, is to ignor it or just make it go away. We can mute, ban, derez other avatars. It doesnt’ stop the behavior, it just makes it harder to see, or makes the offender be more creative, like sending you marketplace items like ‘ go fuck yourself … has been delivered by slmarketplace as a gift from your offender” .  Linked to this is a LL goverance team that does not investigate abuse reports. Their own abuse report numbers, before they stopped making those numbers public, proved that.

Socially and Psyolically, people don’t want to get involved. Its deeply rooted in the bystander effect or Genovese Syndrome. To plagerize:

The bystander effect or Genovese syndrome is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases where individuals do not offer any means of help in an emergency situation to the victim when other people are present. The probability of help has often appeared to be inversely related to the number of bystanders; in other words, the greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help. The mere presence of other bystanders greatly decreases intervention. In general, this is believed to happen because as the number of bystanders increases, any given bystander is less likely to notice the situation, interpret the incident as a problem, and less likely to assume responsibility for taking action.

The first issue is often with those even noticing there is an event in which to intervene.

The other major obstacle to intervention is known as diffusion of responsibility. This occurs when observers all assume that someone else is going to intervene and so each individual feels less responsible and refrains from doing anything.[6] People may also fail to take responsibility for a situation and therefore intervene for more complex reasons depending on the context. They may assume that other bystanders are more qualified to help, such as doctors or police officers, and that their intervention would be unneeded. They may also be afraid of being superseded by a superior helper, offering unwanted assistance, or facing the legal consequences of offering inferior and possibly dangerous assistance.

<end plagrism>

So, you can read much more about it over at say wikipedia. But my observation is, that this effect is very previlant in our community. Folks are quick to be suportive in private, but publicly dont’ want to get involved, or seek the middle ground. This seeking of the middle ground is ofter refered to as the Fallacy of the Middle ground , where there must be compromise between the two arguments, and that this must be the truth. This in is self, is not true, sometimes, things are just wrong.

The second prevliant Falacy is Ad Hominem, or attacking your opponents charchter or traits rather than the point of their argument. In my current situation it is ‘ jubi is very blunt’, or other less flattering descriptions.

For me, my current ‘issue’ is really more a matter of ethical direction for the group I’ve self identified with, the SL Scifi RP community. Sure, I can ignore the offender, and yes I can certianly take care of myself, and no I do not have any ‘fear’ of this person despite the mean spirited threats and attempt to invoke such feelings.  The reason I have been speaking so passionately is because I strongly feel that fringe behavior should be publicly spoken out agianst by the players in RP communities. Not to shame or get rid of the offenders,but to maybe shame them into better behavior, or at least educate them that the group considers their behavior unacceptable, and for them to remain apart of it,  it needs to change for the positive.

I strongle feel that allowing the offender to keep seting up a a new table, over and over, and yell across the store and be disruptive, disrespectful and actively work to make other players and GMs feel unwelcome, not only is wrong for the players being victimized, and the community as a whole, but is wrong for the offender. With out being called out in public, there are people who will continue to think that such offenses are simply ‘disagreements’ and will even think themselves the victim. Only though educating people that they are in fact not adharing to the means and norms of a group, can we hope to get them to undersand they need to change, and that really such change is for the better.

To bring it back to my specific instance, here are some of the messages I’ve gotten, completely unsolcited from Delta Umino, either though IM, or by him sending me Market Place items that come with little notices as such things do when you buy ‘gifts’ in a clever way to get around my Muting of him.

[2013/01/26 08:06]  Delta Umino: (Saved Sat Jan 26 08:56:34 2013)dear jubi: please go die in a fucking fire or stop being a coward writing shit about us in your blog and not say it to my face you gutless coward. Have a good day

[21:04] Xstreet SL Central Authority: Delta Umino has given you a gift of “Go Fuck Yourself” from!  Message from buyer: Just a little gift from me to you of what I think of you 🙂 tless coward. Have a good day

or this exchange:

[2012/10/27 17:17]  Jubilynn Lane: or can you hold a civil conversation with a fellow player, who happens to have been doing this for far longer than you have, and could help you repair the damage your’ve done with your temper tanturms tonight
[2012/10/27 17:19]  Commander Delta9-11 (delta.umino): thanks had to get on an actual viewer so I can mute you and your stupid ass
[2012/10/27 17:19]  Commander Delta9-11 (delta.umino): good day you fucking cunt

I think you can see who the offender is here.  Now the other thing to bring up about this particular situation is, what is the deal?  Well very simply put. I disagreed with what I considered metagaming and bleed over of out of charchter issues into how the game was being played between delta’s group and our Colonial Ranger group on the Al Raqis sims. I made my caes, passionately as always that as a moderator delta was abusing his postion to make his own group look good and push other RP groups out.  The moderators after some discussons agreed to discuss it with him, and from all accounts he went postal and than as he does now, blames me for ‘turning the moderators against him and getting him fired and banned’. My discussions with the mod team there, indicate that there actions where more for how he spoke to them (examples of that are pretty much how he spoke to me above)  when they confronted him, not about what had transpired between myself and him.

From reading his blog, and the blog messages he has left on the al raqis ning and blog. Clearly him and his small group of supporters still feels this way, that some how I have or had a reason to go after him and he is a victim in all this. I’ll let you all judge for yourself, and just ask that you do so with out any of the Fallicies of logic that plague our thinking.

As far as how I have conducted myself thoughout this. Yes, I’ve responded, and been passionate in my responses. But at no time have I been threatening or vindictive or harrassed any of the parties involved.  When Delta decicded to take the issue off grid and attempt to post messages on my blog, yes I took that information and opperunity to learn more about him, and yes I did find out all about him, at this point that is a prudent move as his threats continue and if I wish to persue legal remedy I would need more than a screen name. And I have a wealth of information on him now if I so chose to persue other remedy.

What I have done you ask, well when its been greifing on the SL grid, i’ve consistantly filed Abuse reports with LLs. If you’ve delt with LLs you know about how far that goes. Off grid, I have simply been gathering information that presents itself. The player behind Delta lives in a different country, and persuing any sort of rememdy even if it did warrent it, and I do not feel it does at this time, would be complicated by that matter.

Why even talk about it then Jubi, if your not worried about him carrying out threats? Well,  as I already stated, to me, its an ethical choice, to be vocal about it, not only in this instance, but as an example of how, in our silence, we are not helping either party, or the community in these instances. That by taking a stand for what we feel is right, publicaly, we’re not feeding into Drama, but we’re strenghting a community in which was choose to spend much of our leasure time in, together.

I hope that I’ve been clear in my arguments here, if not, please ask for clearification and I’ll post both comments and reply. As always I do not spell check or edit this blog, it is pretty much the stream of jubi’s conciousness as if we were sitting here talking.

Now a disagreement that began over how a game was being played, has certianly risen to a level beyond gaming. What will the community do about it. So far, it’s been very little.




By jubilynnlane

Overdue Thoughts and Rambelings


I haven’t bloged oocly since the begining of the summer, and so much has been going on in world, that I feel I’ve been neglectful. Every time I go to write the ooc blog, I loose motivation, or decided to push it into IC blog or work. But time is time, so here we go..

First off, I am always amazed at the ‘community’ that we have built in SL, around a game. It heartens me to know, that people have made true friendships over our common enjoyment and social interactions around Botany Bay. We see so little infighting or drama, or faction bullshit that is so common in online communities.

Not to say, we don’t have our moments, I know we get frustrated with each other, and have moments of, GTFO, but we seem to work though those, and generally care about how the player behind the charchter feels, even when the player is annoying us OOCly.

As many of you know, since my last chat, we actually doubled the size of the Sim, adding Botany Cove to Botany Bay. The new homestead, has a purpouse and there was much thought and back and forth in the discussions to add it.  In the end , my reasoning came down to this: we were full up on prims for the most part. With 15000 Prim , we had less than 2000 left. We continued to recieve requests for rentals.  It left us with a few options, the ones we considerd were:

1. Do nothing, and turn the additional players looking for rentals away.
2. Remove ‘build’ prims and give those up to rentals (trees, parts of the settlment, rp locaitons, high port, ect)
3. Add a sim/homestead, and put new rentals there
4. Add a sim/homestead and move rp locations, to free up prims on the Bay.

In the end, after doing a risk assesment, I decided to go with option 4, and we moved the RP locations inculding the village, highport, beach, undersea station, stonehenges, and fire pits over to the new botnay cove. This freed up several thousand prims on the Bay for rentals.

This has worked for us, Jamiee has rented part of the Cove as well, this with the increase in renals on the bay is helping us make our targeted teir for both regions. This is to say, after the summer. Summer on SL is always slow, and we always loose some renters. As many of you know, but as some are not aware, the land is very expensive for me. I pay Linden Labs a total of $415 USD a month in land use fees. That $295 for the Bay, and $125 for the cove. I carried much of that though the summer. Right now, we shoudl be close to making around 82,000 L A month on the rentals, which is around $295 usd after conversion fees and depending on the L market at the time. That means that even on the BEST months I pay over $125USD just to keep us open, and give players and myself a place to play:  note, not all months are good months, and LLs wants its money regardless.

I go into this, knowing full well what my part will be, that I will be paying between $125 and $225 most months, just to keep the doors open, and the lights on. As many of you know, I don’t mind this. I make good money IRL, I work hard for it, but I make a living wage, and I choose for SL to be my means of Entertainment and to a lessor part, social interaction.  Yes I could spend the money on “going out”, and to be honest, thats like 2 or 3 nights out a month, but I’d rather just stay in, with you, my friends, and continue the wonderful interactive story we have, that we share.

That said, I welcome any help, for the teir to not crush me, it does amuse me when people ask me to borrow 100L so they can go buy something,  or when renters tell me they are skipping a week.  Its nice, to be able to skip a week, as a renter you can, and we’ll probably be here when you get back. But doing so, so you can go buy another Mesh Widget, it hurts the owner of the sim, that is paying to stay open, so you can have a place to play; think about that next time you skip a week or two of rent, then come back.

That being said, I do mean that I love the game we play, and over the summer I’ve been trying to make it more fleshed out and immersive for those who play it with me. The wikia project is a perfect example of that. We have almost 5 years of gaming invested now in story and background, but if your new, none of that has been accessable to you as a player. I started the wikia to give people access to the background we have established though playing, so they can enrich themselves with the vast lore and story that we have already spun.  The project has been a success and I look forward to continuing it with many of you. As with all things, there is a balance in what we present there, as too much information can lead to clear metagaming. There are also ‘mysteries’ which players should find out in game and not read in a wikia. That said, I encourge you as players to post to the wikia and update and share things that charchters could learn in world though research and public knowldege. Remember, published games have source books, in a way the wikia, and the blog is our source book for information.

We have also continued to be very active in the overall intersim scifi rp on second life. Many of you have had the opperutnity to play in another sim, while playing your Botnay bay Charchter, or having brought a charcther from another sim to Botany bay. I feel it is very important to encourge this, and as you know, I feel that the player owns their charchter’s story. A great strenght of SL is the ability to play in multiple places, in the same ‘continuality’. Everything we due lore wise, the slipstream, where we are in space, ect, is specificaly desinged to make it easy for you to move around the other sims in SL and still come back to Botany Bay , with a easy to explain In Game mechanic. 

We will continue to support this type of play though our involvements in other sim story lines inculding the ‘mu draconis’ community of Al Raqis and Splintered rock,  the numerious Firefly sims we play with, and the UFS and other star treks sims we have access to thanks to the Ambrosia Coloation and the treaty RP they have provided. Many moderators, sim owner and GMs have spent much time behind the sceens making all this happen.

We alos have seen great success with our ‘colonial ranger’ group, acting as the NPC ‘army’ of the sim. The group is based around creating a Ranger charchter which is completely new to you and unrealted to your other gaming charthers. This allows you to participate in RP you normally have no reason to be at, espically combat. They have been a great success to the sim, and the story line, allowing us to advance story into places we would not have before. Thank you to everyone who has made this happen, Jai, KT, Jed, and others who have run stories, built or scripted items or provided other support to get the rangers off the ground. if you haven’t played with them yet, your missing out.

For all the oppertunties multisim play has, there are clear dangers and drawbacks to the ease in which players jump from sim to sim in SL. As I’ve discussed before there is very little sim loyalty in the grid. When a renter, player or group is even a little unhappy, or if they are told No by a sim owner or moderator, often they just pack up and leave with no notice. It has happned repeately both here, and on other sims.  I am happy that for most of you, the sim and the group has become a sort of ‘second home’, but the reality is, it is difficult of the owners/moderators to effectively manage the sim, or disputes, when people simply leave. It is always something that causes angst and pause on our part, such is the reality of SL.

Speaking of the realites of SL, there have been some , maybe disturbing trends on the grid, at least the sci/fi part of it as of late. I feel, as I listen and speak with many other sims and groups, that the level of tolerance and maturity is rapidly shrinking on SL, prehaps they might be related some how.

When I speak of tolerance, the ‘rules’ for sims seem to grow longer and longer each day. Instead of sims becoming more inclusive, they become divisive. Rules against Furries in particular seem to tighten every day. Rules rules, the rules police seem to be the prevliant means to ‘enforce sim standards’.

Maturity seems to be taking a nose dive too. Prehaps it started with the merging of the teen grid, and the inclusion of SL on Steam probably hasn’t helped. But my interactions with new players, seems to include much more hand holding, and the players seem either younger, or less socialy apt than previously.  This seems to feed into the desire of a ‘rules police’

Both these things disturb me, as a player and a community leader. Free Form play, with few encoded boundries, requires a certian level of maturity to participate in. LLs does not give us the coding tools, as owners, to handle the less mature with kid golves. We have no tools to limit prim use, you can either build or not build on any given land. you can either run a million scripts , or none at all.  We call Botnay bay an ‘adult’ Roleplay in the description, not in the LL’s way, of XXX rated, but in the, hey, this is an advanced way of playing, where you really need to think about how your actions are portaryed.

We play in an persistant world, where your charchters actions, of long reaching conquences. Sadly the immature do not understand that, and thus friction arises when they are called out on IC actions, that will have conquences. .. this is somethign that we struggle with , almost daily now.

As for the rules police, we will never be that way. Our rules are plenty long enough, and basically break down to ‘don’t act like an asshat, don’t aruge with us, when we tell you your an asshat’.  The rest of the rules is telling you how not to be an asshat.  I cringe when i hear other sim staff tell people what they can and can’t be, in very broad strokes, ” no furries,” , ” there are no dragons in scifi”, ” there is no magic in scifi”  and worse, when you point out dragons, or furries or ‘magic’ in scifi .. ” Well the force is kinda magical” .. the response is, ” I dont’ consider star wars scifi “.

This exclusive, rules lawyering, tends to stiffle any kind of creative play with players, turns the staff into the rules police, and make the game unfun.  Now, there are limts to everything, a sim needs to keep its ‘flavor’, but the general push seems to be to be far more limiting and less accpeting, than inclusive and supportive.

I’ve always said, I’ll know when somone is over the line. I’d rather moderatre players based on actions, than in broad terms that say ” no shape shifters”, ” no dragons”. I have seen both played in sims, I have PLAYED both in sims, and people have never known the wiser. Its really the players talent in portraying the fantastic, that makes things work, not that a charchter has fantastic powers.  Again, everything has limits, and I wouldn’t really allow somone to walk around with a harry potter style wand  spitting out ‘spells’ but, I think I’ve made my point here.

Moving forward, I hope to continue the inclusive, community feel of Botnay bay. I feel we dont’ need to be the rules police, becuase YOU our players , won’t put up with things that are clearly not acceptable within our community standards as well. When we all stand together in what is accpetable, well , those that want something else, go elsewhere, and those that simply need to know what is ok, can get the help and assiatnace of both players and staff to join in and have as much fun as we are having.  There is a line in firefly, that I’ll post here as a graphic later, but the crew is at dinner talking about River’s Ability to read thoughts, and Walsh says ” Thats sounds like something out of science fiction” to which his wife replies ” your on a spaceship dear” … That sums up my feeling on fantastic abilties, they work in RP, but only if they are played well, not thrown in your face.

If you comming to botnay bay to ‘win’ , your not going to be happy. The game for us, isnt’ about winning or losing, its about having fun, and being able to create a creative, enjoyable story for everyone, somtimes, the most intreting thing is loosing, or having a setback. That said, we’ve been removing diversive players from the sim/group, who are only trying to ‘win’, its not productive to what we want to be supporting, and well its out time, effort, and money that supports Botnay Bay, we are going to dive the game in directions that we feel are ‘right’, so far, from your feedback and support, we’re doing a pretty good job of it.

Thats not to say, we don’t have our ‘fans’ or haters as I like to call them. This is espically true when we play in Mu Draconis. There are many reasons for that, partly is our history oocly with that region, but mostly its the lack of maturity and need to ‘win’ that some very vocal players have there. Its kinda sad, but it is what it is. I often question our continued involvement as, it causes more greif and work than it is sometimes worth to participate in the game there. I have decided to continue to try to support the game there, as I belive it is in the vested intrest of all players on SL to keep such a large RP reigion active and open. This is a position I re-evaluate periodicly, espicaly when we’ve been specificaly oocly targeted for some sort of IC greif, wether it be in world, or on a groups off grid web page or blog. Its not fait to ask you all to put time and effort into supporting somone elses RP, to have it basically shit on by somone else. Yes I specifically speak of the SSFS and Myrmidon order, and how both groups have issues being civil out side of in charchter differences. Both groups have a histroy of IC and now OOC conflict with us. I continue to play in the story lines forwared , becuase the effect the whole of the Mu Draconis region. We have made some strides with both factions, but for every one step forward it is sometimes two steps back.  The recent ‘true story’ blog posts on the Splinter Rock blog by the  SSFS I find personally offensive, as the player, Philip Aubin, takes the time to specificaly make it seem as if the Players taking the time to play the Rangers, and support the Mu Draconis story line, are woefully Inept.  Its more offensive that as an actual veteran I can see his attempt at making himself look competent at ‘war’ by quoting the stats of contemperay weapons and vehicles that he’s looked up on google, is a blatent attempt to try to look like some subject matter expert he clearly is not. 

How we’ll deal with these distractions in the comming months remains to be seen. The moderators at SR/AR seem unwilling to confront players who use the group resources to be divisive, rather than inclusive. It may come down that we pull our support for any story involving the offending parties, or the region as a whole if it comes to that. I feel that would be a shame, as both groups  and regions have benifited from the cross play, and story of the other. However, I would never let any of you, publish articles on media that was ‘offical’ sim communication such as the blog, or wikia, that took pot shots at another group or sim. There is a line where you cross bragging about yourself, and your just trying to make the other person look bad, Philip and Delta U have clearly crossed this line.

Anyways, to focus back on us. I look forward to the busy winter months, and advancing the stories we have already seeded. If you have ideas, bring them forward, as some of you know, we don’t act on every idea, as we know where we want to go sometimes, but we do take all ideas into consideration. 

I hope you all enjoy the game, as much as I do.  Until my next rambeling …. ” Good Journey”

By jubilynnlane

Thoughts on Colony History

I Finally got that post off my to do list  after kicking it around for a few months: it wasn’t easy.  Taking almost 4 years of RP and kocking it down to a few highlights in a coulpe of thousand words was tough to do. What do I leave out? What to gloss over? waht needed more explination? In the end, I focused more on teh historical events that shaped the colony , than on the many individual roleplays that really make us what we are. At some point I’m going to try to go back and highligt more of RP, espically the great stories players  have brought to the table.  I can only hope folks get something out of what we have posted so far.

On a seperate note today is the one year aniversery of your move from Mu Draconis to our own full sim, that seems like forever ago really. Its strange that we’re thinking of expanding even more, a thought we never even entertained in the past.

Thank you all for your energy and support over the years !

By jubilynnlane

Don’t Godmod me Redux

So, it happned again…  Below I’ll post the entire IM stream after the main chat. But basically once again a visitor on their very first visit to the sim, decided that me remvoing them from play (I kicked them from the sim after trying to rp with them) was godmodding.  As earlier,  Folks seem to think that sim owners must suffer what ever they will do, with no recourse. Its called moderation, for a reason. … Granted, I definately ‘poked the troll’ a bit in this IM, hey I’m only human. Bottom line, is, if you come to the sim and your invincible, well,  we have the tools to ensure your not and we’ll use them. Its no fun for the rest of the players to play around a charcher who can’t be harmed. Its not innovatve or unique, its tired and overdone.    I’d post the main chat first but I wasn’t logging it at the time sadly, then the IM rant and my replies which could have been nicer shure are below, it starts after I kicked his avatar from the sim (IRIS derzed the ‘program’ which was being in her opinion agressive and noncooperative)   Sorry for the formatting the cut and paste into worpress is wanky sometimes

[2012/05/28 19:09]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): thats cheating [2012/05/28 19:09]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): she is the MCP for the entire settlement [2012/05/28 19:09]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): also in  RP terms called “Auto-hitting” which is frowned upon [2012/05/28 19:10]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): she has complete control over the full electromagnetic spectrum, you can re rez its no big deal [2012/05/28 19:10]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): its also a way to abuse ones OOC authority and metagame with it. [2012/05/28 19:10]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): its why we have the ooc authority [2012/05/28 19:10]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you can not just control someone elses character [2012/05/28 19:10]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): the lesson learned is, dont’ try to intimitate the natives [2012/05/28 19:10]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): thats godmodding [2012/05/28 19:10]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): they don’t like it [2012/05/28 19:10]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): your RP etiquette is very poor [2012/05/28 19:11]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): yes I know i”m terrible [2012/05/28 19:11]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): who is your superior? [2012/05/28 19:11]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): god , mostly [2012/05/28 19:11]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you godmodded, metagamed, and autohit [2012/05/28 19:11]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): No, I decomplied your local program [2012/05/28 19:11]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): but you can not [2012/05/28 19:12]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you have no right to control that aspect of my character at will. [2012/05/28 19:12]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you were warned that IRIS had total authority, instead of rping you you decided to go with ‘ yhea your AI’s are so primitive’   they are in fact not [2012/05/28 19:12]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you dont even understand the fundamentals of how he’s even here [2012/05/28 19:12]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): there is a reason the other pcs actually feared IRIS [2012/05/28 19:13]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You godmodded and abused OOC powers. who’s in charge of this sim? [2012/05/28 19:13]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): nor do you, after visiting the sim for a few hours understand the backstory or fundmentals  of the sim [2012/05/28 19:13]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): its important to draw clear lines [2012/05/28 19:13]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): who’s in charge? [2012/05/28 19:14]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I am [2012/05/28 19:14]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you can not just alter a character like that. you wouldn’t have been able to do that to anyone else in the room [2012/05/28 19:14]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): we have other means for dealing with physical intruders , and we excersice them regulary when they come in all superior [2012/05/28 19:15]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Well it seems your method of RP really is very unstructured and primitive. [2012/05/28 19:16]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): No offense, you just told the Colony’s AI ‘thers nothing you can do to me” [2012/05/28 19:16]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I called your bluff [2012/05/28 19:16]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You can be sure I will not recommend your place to anyone [2012/05/28 19:16]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): that is your pergerotive [2012/05/28 19:16]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): It was not a bluff, it was a fundemental fact of my character [2012/05/28 19:16]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you godmodded otherwuse [2012/05/28 19:16]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): *otherwise [2012/05/28 19:16]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you can be sure, I will inform the many players who do play here with fun and respect , that you were viloating the golden rule [2012/05/28 19:16]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): and thus got the mod stick [2012/05/28 19:16]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): what rule did i violate? [2012/05/28 19:17]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): godmodding? that was you [2012/05/28 19:17]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): don’t be an asshat [2012/05/28 19:17]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): oh so godmodding is allowed [2012/05/28 19:17]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): You call it godmodding, we call it moderating people who are ignoring the rules [2012/05/28 19:17]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you’re being extremely unethical. I’m surprised you’re even in charge of something [2012/05/28 19:17]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): and what rule did i break? [2012/05/28 19:17]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): talk about RP form? you just called out the AI that runs the entire colony [2012/05/28 19:18]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Yes, is that not allowed because it hurts your feelings? [2012/05/28 19:18]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): its your firist visit, a little , getting to know you, before you act all superior to everyone would be an appropriate way to get started in a sim [2012/05/28 19:18]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you’re too emotional to be a moderator if you ask me [2012/05/28 19:18]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): no but as you saw IRIS is NOT primitive or powerless to remove your program from her space [2012/05/28 19:19]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): chuckles, I’m not emotianal at all, your the one thorwing the hissy fit [2012/05/28 19:19]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): My character was not acting superior. He was simply stating he was here in a peaceful mission. you’re the one who started being agressive [2012/05/28 19:19]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Wow this is like arguing with an infant. [2012/05/28 19:19]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m telling you, that you may think your ‘your all primitive dirt eaters’ approach To RP is new andimaganative [2012/05/28 19:19]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Excuse me? [2012/05/28 19:19]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you are putting words in my mouth now [2012/05/28 19:19]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): its not, we get a new player ever day, who comes in with a RP concept that their charchter is more powerful than anything established in the sim [2012/05/28 19:20]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I did not state i had any power at all [2012/05/28 19:20]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I simply stated that I was a presence there to observe [2012/05/28 19:20]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you need a fact check before you start acting all high and mighty [2012/05/28 19:20]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you actualy said, she could not remove you or harm you at all [2012/05/28 19:21]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): You have no power over me in this form any more than you have power over the resonating waves of the air around us. You are acting hostile in an unwarranted way. Maybe you should run a self-diagnosis as I have done nothing to illicit such a primitive emotional reaction. [2012/05/28 19:21]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): That is a fact because I’m technically not there at all. Just a physical shell. Keyword: Physical. you can not decompile something physical [2012/05/28 19:21]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): your exact words copy and pasted [2012/05/28 19:21]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): You have no power over me .. quote unquote [2012/05/28 19:21]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): if I let that go unchallneged, its just silly [2012/05/28 19:21]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Exactly. Just like you have no power over a being lightyears away from you [2012/05/28 19:21]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): she has complete power over the full EM spectrum, [2012/05/28 19:21]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): let me put this in simple terms for you. [2012/05/28 19:21]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): well apparntly she did have power over you [2012/05/28 19:22]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): she removed you from her presance [2012/05/28 19:22]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): My character is currently a physical shell being remotely controlled. you can not decompile physical matter. [2012/05/28 19:22]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you godmodded out of her presence [2012/05/28 19:22]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): oh but she can [2012/05/28 19:22]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): do you not understand the laws of physics? [2012/05/28 19:22]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): prehaps you should RP in a place before you antagonize the  AI that runs it [2012/05/28 19:23]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): How can you physically remove matter into thin air? [2012/05/28 19:23]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): activate the transporter [2012/05/28 19:23]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): now you’re just grasping for excuses. you’re so pathetic. [2012/05/28 19:23]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): andinstead of recompilingit, turn off the heinsburg compensator and let the compoent atoms scatter [2012/05/28 19:23]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): enjoy your power trip. [2012/05/28 19:23]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): and we’re done arguing [2012/05/28 19:24]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you’re the worst roleplayer i’ve ever met. [2012/05/28 19:24]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): thanks [2012/05/28 19:24]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): have a good evening [2012/05/28 19:24]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I will now that I know I actually am superior to your ways. [2012/05/28 19:24]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): yes, you are, [2012/05/28 19:25]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I can’t believe you let yourself godmod. you have no morals. [2012/05/28 19:25]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): have a great night, enjoy the many other sims sl has to offer [2012/05/28 19:25]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): As around I’m a HUGE HUGE godmodder [2012/05/28 19:25]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Thanks for the warning, I’ll pass that along to anyone who thinks of roleplaying there [2012/05/28 19:26]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Nobody likes a godmodder with abusive power trips [2012/05/28 19:26]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Its clearly gotten to your head. [2012/05/28 19:26]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I”m generally very unliked [2012/05/28 19:26]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I cry myself to sleep at night [2012/05/28 19:26]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Its such an easy and pitiful way to RP. There’s no meaningless effort in godmodding. [2012/05/28 19:27]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m so pitiful [2012/05/28 19:28]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I’m not sure you should be old enough to even have an SL account. Its a shame Linden Labs does not enforce the actual maturity of their users. [2012/05/28 19:28]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): yes I’m six [2012/05/28 19:28]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): but like the baby in the Etrade commercials, so its ok [2012/05/28 19:28]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Your comprehension of sarcasm is lacking too. [2012/05/28 19:29]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I such a disspointment [2012/05/28 19:29]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): this whole issue could have been resolved, had you heeded a warning from the powerful NPC and continued on your way [2012/05/28 19:30]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): that is what NPCs are for, you challenged her authority, so she removed you [2012/05/28 19:30]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): instead you resolved it with godmodding. [2012/05/28 19:30]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): again you call it godmodding we call it moderating [2012/05/28 19:31]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): it was resolved with out drama for the other six players involved [2012/05/28 19:31]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): moderating what? you were completely mistaken in your assumptions [2012/05/28 19:31]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you took offense to the fact that my character was being a passive observist. [2012/05/28 19:32]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): You’re the one making the mistake, you were being presented with a RP oppertunity [2012/05/28 19:32]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): but in your almighty godliness you decided to strew events into a powertrip for yourself [2012/05/28 19:33]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): we’ll be happy to post a log of this on our ooc blog and see who takes offense with my decision to use the moderation tools to drive home my point [2012/05/28 19:33]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I think you’ll find players are not going to be very responsive to your case [2012/05/28 19:33]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Your point isn’t even relative to the situation [2012/05/28 19:33]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You were taking needless offense and getting agressive for no reason [2012/05/28 19:33]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you issued the first threat [2012/05/28 19:33]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I have no power trip Steven, because I actually have all the power, I dont’ need to ‘flaunt it’ and I don’t [2012/05/28 19:34]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): the AI is agressive [2012/05/28 19:34]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): your applying ooc reasons to an NPCs IC motivations [2012/05/28 19:34]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): So it is a primitive AI. making me right. [2012/05/28 19:34]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): it is not [2012/05/28 19:34]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you are again incorrect [2012/05/28 19:34]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Primitive AI’s dont have an imbalance of emotions [2012/05/28 19:34]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): is that what you’re saying? [2012/05/28 19:34]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): prehaps her emotions are completely balanced [2012/05/28 19:34]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): do you know many Advanced AIs? [2012/05/28 19:34]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you just said “the AI is agressive” [2012/05/28 19:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I did [2012/05/28 19:35]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): so how is that balanced? [2012/05/28 19:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): the AI is susposed to be agressive [2012/05/28 19:35]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): So its too primitive to adhere to morals. [2012/05/28 19:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): your talking in circles to try to make some sort of point [2012/05/28 19:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): who’s morals [2012/05/28 19:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): morals are subjective [2012/05/28 19:35]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Ethical morals [2012/05/28 19:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): who’s ethics ?> [2012/05/28 19:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): kants?  Nietzchs? [2012/05/28 19:36]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): Maybe Plato? [2012/05/28 19:36]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): Do you have a moral imperative? [2012/05/28 19:36]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): There is either Ethics or lack there-of [2012/05/28 19:36]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): who’s ethics ? [2012/05/28 19:36]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): there are no different kinds of ethics. There just are, or there aren’t [2012/05/28 19:36]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Ethics involve the principals of treating people fairly. [2012/05/28 19:37]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): there are Many different ‘kinds’ of ethics steven [2012/05/28 19:37]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): ” Not according to Nietzsche [2012/05/28 19:37]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): No, there are either the presence of Ethics, or the lack of Ethics. Abuse is not considered ethical by anyone. its simply a lack of ethics [2012/05/28 19:38]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I didnt’ abuse you [2012/05/28 19:38]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Yeah, you did. [2012/05/28 19:38]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You godmodded [2012/05/28 19:38]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I did not [2012/05/28 19:39]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I am the ‘superman’ I used my strenght to impart my Moral authorty on you [2012/05/28 19:39]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): just as Nietzsche said I should, perfectly ethical [2012/05/28 19:39]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I was on a nice peaceful little tour from one of the residents, i never talked down to anyone. you took everything the wrong way and abused to get out of it [2012/05/28 19:40]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you need your facts before you just “moderate”. A good proper moderator will gather all the information before making judgement. [2012/05/28 19:40]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Police don’t just shoot at people because they think they might be threatening. [2012/05/28 19:41]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): The AI did exactly what she would have done, challenged you in the presance of the CiC, it happens to people all the time,  the OTHER 25 players we offered this RP opperunity do, didn’t take the opperunity to tell the AI how it cant’ hurt them and continue to make vagely veild comments of superiorty [2012/05/28 19:41]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): They took the opperunity to give the AI a wide berth [2012/05/28 19:41]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m not the police [2012/05/28 19:41]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): So you’re saying godmodding is okay to avoid being shown-up? [2012/05/28 19:42]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Godmodding is okay to protect your pride? [2012/05/28 19:42]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): so you admint you were trying to show up the regualr players? [2012/05/28 19:42]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I’m merely stating that as you keep saying thats the reason you did what you did [2012/05/28 19:42]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): no Moderaton is OK to prevent first time visitors from strutting around a place they haven’t even gotten to know like they own it [2012/05/28 19:42]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You mistake what i was doing then. [2012/05/28 19:42]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): on your next visit, fine a little humility [2012/05/28 19:43]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): How about you quit assuming things and metagaming [2012/05/28 19:43]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): Not at all, Your own words, reposted [2012/05/28 19:43]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You can repost my words all you want, its your interpretation of them that’s flawed [2012/05/28 19:44]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): this is the part where you say what you say wasn’t what you ment [2012/05/28 19:44]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): like i said, you issued the first threat unwarrented. [2012/05/28 19:44]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): not intrested, what you said is what you said [2012/05/28 19:44]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): The AI threatens everyone [2012/05/28 19:44]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): your reaction is what got her to react, and for the record, I gave you three chances to just move on with your tour [2012/05/28 19:45]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you choose to reply how ‘helpless’ the AI would be do to anything to you, all three times [2012/05/28 19:45]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): so the AI showed you, it was not helpless [2012/05/28 19:45]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): And I gave you three chances to actually do some real intelligent RP instead of just lording over [2012/05/28 19:45]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): it was a miss calculation on your part, [2012/05/28 19:45]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Yet you imply that I am helpless? [2012/05/28 19:45]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): the AI DOES lord over the settlement [2012/05/28 19:45]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): and you say you have no power trip [2012/05/28 19:45]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): its a part of the ongoing storyline [2012/05/28 19:46]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): something EVERYONE else knew [2012/05/28 19:46]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Of course someone who doesn’t like power is going to be the ultimate being [2012/05/28 19:46]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): which is why they allwarned you to just move along before you angered her [2012/05/28 19:46]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): but you though, that we wouldnt’ do anything [2012/05/28 19:46]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you thought wrong [2012/05/28 19:46]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): well you thought simple. [2012/05/28 19:46]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): too simple. [2012/05/28 19:46]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): There are other beings out there who can be immune to certain things [2012/05/28 19:47]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): nto here [2012/05/28 19:47]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): or does everyone in the universe subject themselves to you? [2012/05/28 19:47]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): they are not [2012/05/28 19:47]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): no only here [2012/05/28 19:47]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): oh so your sim has a little bubble where the physical laws dont apply? [2012/05/28 19:47]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): hence the ‘don’t anger her’ comment from the other players [2012/05/28 19:47]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): yes exactly [2012/05/28 19:47]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): see now your gettign it [2012/05/28 19:47]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Then my chacater has its own bubble. [2012/05/28 19:48]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I think you mistake your limited knowledge of the ‘laws of physics’ for the actual laws of physics [2012/05/28 19:48]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): if you want to be that ostentatious, so can i. [2012/05/28 19:48]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): well  when your bubble meets the modreators bubble, as you saw [2012/05/28 19:48]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): your bubble looses [2012/05/28 19:48]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): thats the laws of physics on SL [2012/05/28 19:48]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): due to OOC power and godmodding. [2012/05/28 19:48]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): who can win against that? [2012/05/28 19:48]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): nobody. [2012/05/28 19:48]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): so its all just one big power trip for you. [2012/05/28 19:48]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): You can’t which is why you don’t pick a fight with the NPCs on your first visit [2012/05/28 19:48]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you can get away with whatever you want. [2012/05/28 19:49]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): again, we’ll happily post this whole conversation and see which side of it people fall on [2012/05/28 19:49]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): your whole demenor oocly thoughout this conversation has been mildly offensive [2012/05/28 19:49]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I honestly don’t care who does what. There is etiquette to RP and you fail it badly. [2012/05/28 19:50]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): It is somewhat amusing that you metion RP etiquette [2012/05/28 19:50]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): when you seem to have so little of it, you have a long back story sure [2012/05/28 19:50]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I don’t godmod, I don’t metagame, I don’t autohit.. so far you have done all three of those. [2012/05/28 19:50]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): as we tell visitors all the time,  if you come in all power and awe, dont’ expect to get very far [2012/05/28 19:51]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): oh? dont expect to get very far? is that a hint of arrogance i hear? [2012/05/28 19:51]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you don’t have the RP ‘cred’ with us for us to treat your brand new charchter with that sort of respect [2012/05/28 19:51]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): we’re a very healthy happy sim Steven, we’re not what everyone is lookign for [2012/05/28 19:51]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Its hilarious how you think you’re so humble and proper while you make those kinds of statements. [2012/05/28 19:51]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): and we Moderator storys and players who are being offensive [2012/05/28 19:51]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m not humbel at all [2012/05/28 19:52]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I own the sim [2012/05/28 19:52]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): precisely. [2012/05/28 19:52]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): dont’ like how we play, play elsewhere [2012/05/28 19:52]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): the power has gotten ttou. [2012/05/28 19:52]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): * to you [2012/05/28 19:52]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I have complete power [2012/05/28 19:52]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): and I excercise it as I see fit [2012/05/28 19:52]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): all sim owners do [2012/05/28 19:52]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): thats why we have moderation tools players do not [2012/05/28 19:52]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I beg to differ [2012/05/28 19:52]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): beg all you want [2012/05/28 19:52]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I’ve known sim owners who adhere to actual morals. [2012/05/28 19:53]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Who don’t just godmod what they want out of a scenario [2012/05/28 19:53]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Who actually develop their character in meaningful RP [2012/05/28 19:53]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I have plenty of morals [2012/05/28 19:53]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): we have tons of meaningful rp [2012/05/28 19:53]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Your character is just a personifaction of your OOC powers. [2012/05/28 19:54]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): There’s hardly any meaningful thought in -that- [2012/05/28 19:54]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you telling the NPC AI how helpless she is to do anything to your charchter is not meaningful rp [2012/05/28 19:54]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I beg to differ again. [2012/05/28 19:54]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You don’t want it to be meaningful, so you played otherwise [2012/05/28 19:54]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): You were given many chances to move along, you made your point numerous times [2012/05/28 19:54]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you CHOOSE the confrotation [2012/05/28 19:55]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Oh? So I’m given chances to bend to your whimsical fantasy of power? [2012/05/28 19:55]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): so don’t go playing the victim [2012/05/28 19:55]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): what fantasy, I have full actual power [2012/05/28 19:55]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Exactly. Your character is just a personification of that [2012/05/28 19:55]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m not sure I follow you at all, you picked a fight and lost [2012/05/28 19:56]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): Exactly this ALL POWERFUL NPC you unwisely picked a fight with [2012/05/28 19:56]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): pretty dumb when you think of it [2012/05/28 19:56]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I lost because I made you uncomfortable on a personal level and you retaliated with illegitimate means [2012/05/28 19:56]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): when you play D and D do you walk up to the dragon and tell it how impotent it is? [2012/05/28 19:56]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): then whine to the DM when it eats you? [2012/05/28 19:56]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I actually only removed you and said you could rerez at any time [2012/05/28 19:56]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): she was making a point [2012/05/28 19:57]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You had no rights to alter my character in that way without my permission. [2012/05/28 19:57]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I have every right I’m the Owner and Head Game master [2012/05/28 19:57]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): i’m not you peer [2012/05/28 19:57]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): That is why I do not wish to return. You let the power get to your head and you actually think you are above everyone. [2012/05/28 19:57]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): your confused about the realtionship when I’m moderating with an NPC that is desinged to Moderate [2012/05/28 19:58]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I wouldn’t want to play with someone so unfair to other players [2012/05/28 19:58]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): and a player charcher I might just casualy RP with [2012/05/28 19:58]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m not “other player’ [2012/05/28 19:58]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m the game master [2012/05/28 19:58]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Uhuh. Powertripping. [2012/05/28 19:58]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): i’m not a PLAYER i’m runnign the game [2012/05/28 19:58]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): not powertripping I actually have all the power [2012/05/28 19:58]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): again [2012/05/28 19:58]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Nobody can just ‘run’ RP. [2012/05/28 19:58]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): er.. yes they can [2012/05/28 19:58]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): RP is supposed to be freeform [2012/05/28 19:59]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you don’t get that do you. [2012/05/28 19:59]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You want RP to be what you want it to be. [2012/05/28 19:59]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you apparently failed to read the notecards [2012/05/28 19:59]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): which doesnt’ surprise me, since you didn’t join the sim RP group [2012/05/28 19:59]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Its like your own little kingdom with subjects to bend to your will. [2012/05/28 19:59]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): freeform does not mean there are not Gamemasters [2012/05/28 19:59]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you dont’ get to do ‘what ever you want’ in freeform [2012/05/28 20:00]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Your dictative way of handling RP is undesirable. [2012/05/28 20:00]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You’re just an RP Nazi of sorts. [2012/05/28 20:00]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): to you, we have plenty of folks who throughly enjoy their time here [2012/05/28 20:01]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m jewish, thats offensive [2012/05/28 20:01]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m going to share this conversation with the group is you don’t mind [2012/05/28 20:01]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Yeah, they enjoy it as long as they don’t encrouch on your powers [2012/05/28 20:01]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): it CAN”T encrouch my powers [2012/05/28 20:01]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Because you react like a 2 year old with a temper [2012/05/28 20:01]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you seem to have some misguided idea of what GameMasters and moderators do [2012/05/28 20:02]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): No, you just don’t understand that a GM puts the game first, not their own private perogative. [2012/05/28 20:02]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): The game was put first [2012/05/28 20:02]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you challenged the AI [2012/05/28 20:02]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): she remvoed you from teh CIC [2012/05/28 20:02]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): problem solved [2012/05/28 20:02]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You could use that excuse for anything. [2012/05/28 20:03]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I could, but you’ll find, I don’t [2012/05/28 20:03]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): hence, why your little hissyfit isn’t going to win you any friends, I’m well known for being very fair, [2012/05/28 20:03]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Right. well you weren’t very fair here. [2012/05/28 20:03]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): yes I understand you feel that I was unfair, [2012/05/28 20:04]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): The players dont’ and won’t feel that way when I discuss this with them [2012/05/28 20:04]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Discuss all you want. I won’t be returning of my own free will as long as an arrogant little fuck like you is in charge. [2012/05/28 20:04]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): first , DID you read the background notecards ? [2012/05/28 20:05]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): nice,  thats swearing and is goign to be a TOS report [2012/05/28 20:05]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): thanks,  I think we’re done here [2012/05/28 20:05]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You don’t even know the first thing about the ToS [2012/05/28 20:05]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): Yes I’m so confused about that too [2012/05/28 20:05]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): There is nothing in there about profanity. [2012/05/28 20:05]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): it must be hard walking around other people’s places knowing everything [2012/05/28 20:06]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): own free will? [2012/05/28 20:06]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you got somone else draggng you to RP sims? [2012/05/28 20:07]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Again with the flawed interpretations. where did you learn to read? [2012/05/28 20:07]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): prison [2012/05/28 20:07]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I will not be returning of my own free will. Meaning that I will choose to avoid your sim at all costs. [2012/05/28 20:07]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Is that so hard to grasp? [2012/05/28 20:07]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): ahh,  but the implication is, if you loose free will you’ll return [2012/05/28 20:08]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Must I reiterate everything for you? [2012/05/28 20:08]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): or if your bound and dragged [2012/05/28 20:08]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): No I don’t think you have a firm grasp or what you mean to say, trying to sound all offical [2012/05/28 20:08]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Those scenarios are so ridiculous, the odds are millions to one. Now you’re just being asinine. [2012/05/28 20:08]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): see, you could just say, ” I’m not coming back” [2012/05/28 20:09]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): or ” I’ll never visit again” [2012/05/28 20:09]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you instead say ‘ of my own free will’ Implying there will be a time, you dont’ have free will [2012/05/28 20:09]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): and will return [2012/05/28 20:09]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Its called being emphatic. Something you would have learned about if you had a proper English education. [2012/05/28 20:09]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): oh I thought it was called ‘ trying to sound smart ‘ [2012/05/28 20:10]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): emphasis on trying [2012/05/28 20:10]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I could have opted to use those simpler phrases. But why must I say things in such a boring way? [2012/05/28 20:10]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): so you understand them [2012/05/28 20:10]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): because I think the words you say don’t mean what you think they mean , you know? [2012/05/28 20:11]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I think you’re just being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. It is pointless to read too far into it and try to nit pick at a phrase when the actual meaning is quite clear. [2012/05/28 20:12]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): ” i don’t think you understand the meaning, nor can you answer a simple question, ” [2012/05/28 20:12]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): Did you read the notecards? [2012/05/28 20:12]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): What notecards? I was brought there by somebody else. [2012/05/28 20:12]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): both times you entered the sim, you were brought here by someone else? [2012/05/28 20:13]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): The first time yes, the next time was because I had logged out and back in there. [2012/05/28 20:13]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): Since you seem to be familar with how RP sims on SL are structured, we have extensive notecards for new visitors [2012/05/28 20:14]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): so, lets get this stright [2012/05/28 20:15]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): Your on a sim for the first time, you never ask anyone for any of the rules, notecards ect, your RPing with the AI who is SUSPOSED to be scary and allpowerful,   other Player Charchters tell YOUR charchter to just ‘move along and don’t make her angry’  and when you CHOOSE to confront a charcther (NPC) you have NO idea how powerful they are,  .. you get all upset when you loose? [2012/05/28 20:15]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): What is the point? I’m not returning. There are plenty other places to be where people in charge don’t lord over, and actually act like players instead of invincible gods [2012/05/28 20:16]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): except when they are playing invincible gods, good luck, let me know how those other sims react when you go before the ‘king’ or ’emperor’ npc who is there to be scary or powerful [2012/05/28 20:16]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): and your act all invicinble or completely defint [2012/05/28 20:16]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): on your first visit [2012/05/28 20:16]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I prefer to play with people who have an equal sense of mortality when they play. [2012/05/28 20:16]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): yhea, let me know how taht goes for you [2012/05/28 20:17]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I have no need to maintain contact with you in any way. So your sarcastic remark is invalid. [2012/05/28 20:18]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): oh, so that sarcastic remark you got, thats progress [2012/05/28 20:18]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I have no need for sarcasm. [2012/05/28 20:18]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): nope, just an undying need to be right [2012/05/28 20:18]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Its called logic. You should try it some time. [2012/05/28 20:19]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): well since you couldn’t follow the ethics conversation, we’re not even going to try logic [2012/05/28 20:20]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): an undying need to be right, would as spock would say, be very illogical [2012/05/28 20:20]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Your idea of ethics is flawed. [2012/05/28 20:20]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You can’t just redefine ethics to suit your needs. [2012/05/28 20:20]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you have no basis for your opinion, you haven’t studied any of the source materail for that [2012/05/28 20:20]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): acutally that isnt’ true [2012/05/28 20:20]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Saying ‘oh ethics can mean anything’ is like saying ‘i can make ice cream out of sand’ [2012/05/28 20:21]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): there is a whole school of ethics that actually says you can do just that [2012/05/28 20:21]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): yeah. sure. this from someone who studied English in a prison. [2012/05/28 20:22]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I can hardly believe from your demeanor that you have any sort of philosophical background. [2012/05/28 20:22]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I suggest you read The Will to power  prehaps [2012/05/28 20:22]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): What? some man-made book? [2012/05/28 20:22]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): yes all books are made by men [2012/05/28 20:22]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): well humans [2012/05/28 20:22]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): so they must all be trustworthy and infallable. [2012/05/28 20:23]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Or maybe thats just your own opinion. [2012/05/28 20:23]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): books? [2012/05/28 20:23]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): or people? [2012/05/28 20:23]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): neither are all trustworthy or infallable [2012/05/28 20:24]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): if you can get out of your own way, your happy to return, your not banned, the eject was simply an RP tool [2012/05/28 20:24]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): a godmodding tool. [2012/05/28 20:25]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): LL’s calls it a moderators tool [2012/05/28 20:25]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Your meathod of RP is offensive. I will not return. [2012/05/28 20:25]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): then the point of your entire IM is, to let me know how offended you are? [2012/05/28 20:26]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): At this point, it seems like I’ve been speaking with a brick wall. [2012/05/28 20:26]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m more like cinder block [2012/05/28 20:26]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): not quite as classy as brick, but  more useful [2012/05/28 20:26]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I’d prefer brick. The acoustics are better. [2012/05/28 20:27]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’m building a bunker not a concernt hall [2012/05/28 20:27]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): hey if I said the sky was blue, would you go on a ten min explination on how its not? [2012/05/28 20:27]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): just curious [2012/05/28 20:28]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Actually, it only seems blue. The sky has no physical colour or opaque substance to it. Its merely the light being bent towards the ultraviolet end of the spectrum by the atmosphere. [2012/05/28 20:29]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): It is blue, but not in such a simple way. [2012/05/28 20:29]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): so speaking of godmodding you just TP around the universe? [2012/05/28 20:31]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): My character has no physical connection to this world. His interaction with it is limited to visual and speech. [2012/05/28 20:31]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): I’ve gone though both logs of your visit earlier, and the one today,  your only reaction to any warning given to you by any PC was that basically  you could ‘simply’ shrug off the conquences of their actions [2012/05/28 20:31]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): so when you said I didn’t understand the laws of physics earlier [2012/05/28 20:31]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you were lying, [2012/05/28 20:32]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): since you just admitted there was no physical preance here [2012/05/28 20:32]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I can not affect anything in any substantial way, so why would anything external be able to affect me? [2012/05/28 20:32]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): the AI isn’t physical, and controls the entire EM specrum inside the settlement [2012/05/28 20:33]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): Godmodding by defintion is when a player enters a game, and belives nothing can harm them [2012/05/28 20:33]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): No godmodding also involves altering another character or object in radical ways. [2012/05/28 20:34]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): i didn’t alter your charcher I removed it [2012/05/28 20:34]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You altered his physical state in some impossible way to remove him. [2012/05/28 20:34]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): apparently it wasn’t as impossible as you thought [2012/05/28 20:34]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): He can’t harm anything, so he shouldn’t be harmable. [2012/05/28 20:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): thats not totally your decision to make, as I said the game is moderated [2012/05/28 20:35]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you mean godmodded. [2012/05/28 20:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): back to I am god [2012/05/28 20:35]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): so, what ever floats your avatgar [2012/05/28 20:35]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): well by definition you’re saying you are [2012/05/28 20:35]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you control everything [2012/05/28 20:36]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): yes LLs gives me to tools to do that [2012/05/28 20:36]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you bend things to your personal will. [2012/05/28 20:36]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): thats prettymuch godmodding [2012/05/28 20:36]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): to deal with people who show up who can’t be harmed by anything [2012/05/28 20:36]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): you’re leaving out the other part of that [2012/05/28 20:36]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): it gives me the abilty to ungodify visitors [2012/05/28 20:36]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I can not harm or be harmed. [2012/05/28 20:36]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): by your own omission, NOTHING can harm you [2012/05/28 20:36]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Its a completely passive character. [2012/05/28 20:37]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): its passive agressive is what it is [2012/05/28 20:37]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Does that hurt your feelings? [2012/05/28 20:37]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): no it harms the rp, so it was removed [2012/05/28 20:37]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): its like having a hogwarts goast floating around [2012/05/28 20:37]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you risk nothing because you can’t be harmed [2012/05/28 20:38]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): theres no vaule in that for the players of this sim [2012/05/28 20:38]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Your idea of whats harmful to RP is very unbalanced. [2012/05/28 20:38]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): there is ONE avatar here who can deal with that, and you ran into her [2012/05/28 20:38]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): That in no way signifies what i was doing [2012/05/28 20:38]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): it doesn’t have to be blananced its my sim to make those judgement calls on [2012/05/28 20:38]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): you poked charchters alread [2012/05/28 20:38]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): and when you did that you were warned of iris hours ago [2012/05/28 20:39]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Yup. thats precisely the attitude that is unwated in most RP sims. [2012/05/28 20:39]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): You have allmighty control over everything [2012/05/28 20:39]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): but i DO have almighty control over everything [2012/05/28 20:39]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Only certain types of people will actually gravitate towards that, but I won’t go there. [2012/05/28 20:39]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): chuckles [2012/05/28 20:40]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): I’ve wasted enough of my time with you and your sim. [2012/05/28 20:40]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Plenty of other more practical sims I know of. [2012/05/28 20:40]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): as I said hours ago, have a nice day [2012/05/28 20:40]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): if your looking to leave , just don’t resopnd [2012/05/28 20:40]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): but I dont’ think you can’t not get the last word in [2012/05/28 20:40]  Shandra (elishandra.destiny): your one of ‘those’ people [2012/05/28 20:43]  Steven Archer (steven.drachios): Oh and you’re not? Here, say something else. That way I can say that I willingly gave you the last word:  (shandra is my alt):


By jubilynnlane

5th Rez Day …. Five year thoughts

So, it came to my attention the other day, that I was about to turn 5,  my 5th rez day was today. I opned my SL accound back on 5/16/2007, five years and more than a second life ago.  As with many milestones, I did, take a few moments to look back at the last five years,  reflect, remember, and take stock of what the whole experience has meant to me.

As we’ve previously discussed, I came to SL for the roleplaying. Over the years, I’ve spend the bulk of my time in roleplay sims in order Naraka, Exogensis, Sublime, and Now Botany Bay, with side trips to many others. I’ve dipped my feet into the adult side of SL as well.   All these experiences have been intersting, many enjoyable, others taught me about myself, or about ‘people’ or how people behave in groups.   I don’t really regret any of it, or any of you. The unique part , for me, is the social aspect of the ‘game’  SL is a mix of gaming, and social networking, and that is one of the reasons the lines get blurred between charchters and roleplaying and ‘real’ feelings and emotions.

I have made, many good friends here, and lost some over time too.  And I have interacted with people who would never call me friend, but I don’t really consider anyone on the grid my ‘enemy’, seriously , its too easy to just not deal with folks, than to expend the sort of energy it takes to make ‘enemies’ in a virtual world.  There have been times when I’ve taken things way too seriously, and times when I took a step back , to let things just play out.

In the end, the me you see here, is the me in RL. Jubilynn the charchter, has alot of my attributes, and when I’m ooc here in SL, I am me, I am not putting on some sort of show, or ‘meta’ing myself… as scary as that may be for folks.

To eveyone I’ve met along the way, I thank you for the time and energy playing or chatting with you. And to those who I’ve yet to meet, I look forward to making your aquintenance in the next five year.

Yes I say the next five, because as we both know, I am not going anywhere, as long as there is a grid, I’ll proably be right here, paying out my land fees, keeping botnay bay open.    Thanks Again everyone!

By jubilynnlane