Behind the Scenes – Winds Of Change RP Post

So, yes, it took over two years to update the OOC blog.  Truth told, I got tired of ranting (shocking to most of you I know).  There have been a whole bunch of ‘almost’ posts here, but  trust me there have been a bunch!

What prompted me to start up here again?  Well  reality,  and how a lot of l good Sci-fi  is a mirror, parable, or allegory for what we struggle with in the real world.  I think, most of you who are American, or follow American politics, will definitely see this in the latest IC blog update, “Winds of Change”.

I struggled a bit writing it, as in some ways, it felt, too real to me. And, like you, I come to SL to RP, to often escape the Real World. In this case,  I bounced the beta draft of a handful of other players, and it was so well received, I forged ahead.

The Warden / Crusader conflict, is one that I have had bouncing around for a bit. There is much source material I’m using from other games as many of you who do table top gaming know.  I did not have a firm grasp on how to include it, until now.

The developments are not meant to weaken the in-character power of the Protectorate or any of our NPCs that are part of that ‘Lore’ story,  if anything, it is meant to flesh it out,  round it out, give it more flavor, and allow me and the admins to tell a richer story, that hopefully you will find time in Your RP to take part in.

Like all the Admin run storylines, this will play out slowly , with a lot of hints and background plotting and movement, much in RP, and other off stage. Unlike some other sims you may be familiar with, we do not expect the ongoing story to dramatically change what you do. We’re not going to stage ‘crisis of the moment’ RP,  like daily /weekly attacks on the colony, as always, our story lines will run in the background, and hopefully give you something to hang your RP on, to be a part of the larger ongoing story if you so choose.

In the end,  your RP is YOUR RP ,and while we present story to be a part of,  the ‘verse is a big place, and there are thousands and thousands of locations outside the protectorate, where you have your own conflicts and story that you are playing out. As always, your welcome to bring that here for your characters. In the end, this is just another wrinkle in the Game.

On a personal note, I hope that the game on some level, makes you think about RL for a moment, and just how .. we live in interesting times. I hope, that most of you, will choose the RL role of Warden over Crusader.  And in game,  I hope you have the chance to pick up on the little nuisances we toss into the RP that support the overall story arc.

In a way,  we see our stories playing out more like the Wonderful story arcs in DS9, as opposed to quick episodic hits like TNG. While quick one night, or one week stories are fun and defiantly have a place in the RP at Botany Bay, the deep story, has and will continue to be long , slowly exposed story Arcs.

The Sim has always operated this way, as, very few of you seem to know, we have actually a long 7+ year arc that is still playing out today, and this ‘lore update’ is just the latest event in that story.  Many of you have heard me refer to the story or game divided into “chapters”, ” Seasons”, “Series” or “Books” sometimes these are used interchangeably, but at the core,  we’ve seen several ‘Seasons’ in the story Arc, in the coming weeks we’ll revisit those stories so you can all get a clearer picture of where we came from, so you know, how we plan to move forward.

As always,  thanks for reading, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to play with you all, and share in the rich story that we weave every day.



By jubilynnlane

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